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Best Advice You've Ever Received

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Mine came from the father of my best friend in grade school. 


"Worry about you."


Three simple words that can change your life. 


Instead of spending your time and effort whining and complaining and hating on others - just worry about yourself. Yourself meaning your life, job, goals, habits, etc. 


Johnny Manziel is an arrogant prick. How does he effect your job?


kayne makes 20 million dollars a year. How does that fact help you reach your goals?


Cant stand Donald Trump? Think colleges are corrupt? Hate your neighbor? Outraged over the 2% or how doctors prescribe medicine to people? How do those facts help you make more money at work? Improve your relationship with your girlfriend? Make you more money? 


Worry about you. 


That.....and invest in real estate. Best advice I've ever received.


This dude was a self made millionaire. We lived in a small dry town in the middle of nowhere. He would rent the gym, bring in a keg and some booze and throw a casino night, charge people $20 a head to walk in the door. He would make $1,500 for eight hours of work. 


He helped set me up to make a profit off my student loans. Back then you got a full year after graduating before you had to make your first payment. Then your interest rate was 3%. Take that cash and put it in a safe bond that makes 6-7% every year. So you put in say $2,5000 your freshman year. It earns 6% interest for your four years of college. Then your one free year. After five years you've got $4,000 built up. Pay back your 2,500 loan and walk away with 1,500 of basically free money. 


His son made millions at two different professions. One - playing poker. He won one of the televised poker tournaments they used to show on TV a few years ago. And I think he came in 11th place one year at the actual World Series of Poker. 

Second - he was a master home builder. He assembled a monster crew that could build houses faster than his competitors and he could build amazing luxury homes. 




These two dudes didn't sit around whining and crying and bitching and moaning all day long about world events. They focused on themselves and their careers and happiness. 



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this is not advice i've received, but advice i'm giving:




In a business job, outlast the others. For instance -  I work with accountants, i've learned from them, they've left, new accountants have come in. I'm a better professional with the new wave of accountants than i was with the previous. In my position, that goes for chefs, hairstylists, servers, etc. I learn from my experiences with all and when they leave, and the next wave comes in, I'm a better Jackie. 


Outlast them. 


They may not like you on every day, today I read the riot act to a chef, he was not pleased. That's cool - he will most likely leave. I'll be here, with more experience and knowledge to deal with the next chef. I'll outlast. 



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5 hours ago, Skeeter said:

That is very true.  


Well, you can always divorce.


Just, dont marry the first girl you have sex with, after the divorce.

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The point is, ladies and gentleman, that greed, for lack of a better word, is good. Greed is right, greed works. Greed clarifies, cuts through, and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit. Greed, in all of its forms; greed for life, for money, for love, knowledge has marked the upward surge of mankind. And greed, you mark my words, will not only save Teldar Paper, but that other malfunctioning corporation called the USA. - Gordon Gekko

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The best advice I ever got was: Enjoy life, go to the beach, eat and drink as much as you can, have a nice house a big car, go to the best hotels and restaurants, work as less as you can and wait... wait... wait the necessary until the germans pay your bills.


It was the best advice I got. And it works.

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1 hour ago, arnold layne said:

Oh. :lol:


At least you're not a dirty Pole Gunner. 


Yeah, according to the stats, looks like I dont work enough to pay my bill and the germans are doing the special favor to pay it for me.


I intent to pay them jack shit back but looks like they keep paying for my luxurious lifestyle. 


The same happens to the spanish, greeks and irish. Gosh, FK even got a villa in some spanish island.


Are they dumb or what? :lol: 


I think I want one of those villas for me too.


Its something I cant stand is this kind of german racism against the latin people. We also deserve villas you bitches. Just produce some more BMWs and Audis, you lazy fat beer addicts.

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