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GUNNER: Jigglypuff

magisme: Pit (DOUBLE LIVES)

bacardimayne: Kirby (COPY CAT)

 altered beast: Captain Falcon (ROLE BLOCKER)

Bill Brasky: Donkey Kong (SUICIDE BOMBER)

hotdogman: Falco

GnRLiars: Doc Louis (QUACK DOCTOR)

Apollo: Ice Climbers

jackie moon: Link (INDEPENDENT)

John Bonham: Mr. Game & Watch (VIGILANTE)

Damn_Smooth: Rosalina (VANILLA MILKSHAKE)


arnold layne: Master Hand & Crazy Hand (Host)


Welcome to Super Smash Bros. Team Battle Mafia. Unlike other games in the past, role revealing is permitted due to the fact that it is essentially useless to reveal your character. A few players' identities have been omitted only because they never requested a specific character. 


I am not going to interfere with this game. With this being said, I do have a few rules I wish everyone to abide by. They are listed below.


1. Please bold your votes.

2. Do not share the original PM I gave you in regards to your role.

3. If you are limited by a certain role ability during the course of this game, please follow it.


These are the three golden rules. Everything else is on the table to get a competitive advantage. You may manufacture fake PMs, you may lie about other players PMing you outside of game play, and you can pretty much do whatever you'd like. Be advised however that I will not confirm, deny lies, or vouch for any player during this game. Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions.



The year was 1999 and Damn_Smooth was ready for the greatest birthday party ever. He invited the whole gang, ten in all, to play this new highly anticipated fighting game. Damn_Smooth was the coolest kid on the block. He got all the new games, his mother bought him Lunchables to bring to school, and rumor has it that Suzy has a crush on him. Yeah, that's what jackie moon said at least, and boy Miser is jealous.


With three bags of Doritos and a case of Mtn Dew on the floor, the boys are ready to game. Bonham was immediately drawn in. What is this magic? Could this possibly be one of the greatest nostalgic fighting games ever?


It's a Team Battle boys.


With ten players remaining, it will take six to lynch.







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5 minutes ago, Bill Brasky said:

official vote Gunner


I think this can be the begining of a good partnership.

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Just now, GnRLiars said:



I'm surprised.


Welcome on board.


You know the rules, right? Who should we lynch first for voting me, Lance or Bacardi?

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45 minutes ago, GUNNER said:

If Lance doesnt remove his vote on me in 5min, Im out.


Arnold is a shit host. He should have modkilled me almost 1h ago.

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