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Axl/DC is the only way Axl will get respect.

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Axl doesn't sound like shit, he delivers a solid performance in Guns, but it's his job and he has been singing these songs for decades. He also needs to be careful and not fuck up his voice cause that's the money maker. But he doesn't rehearse.


With AC/DC sucking is not an option or letting Angus down plus it's more exciting for him probably so he pushes himself to make Angus proud. Also he rehearsed for those shows, sounded great from the get go.

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Right now Axl and the boys are recording a self titled album for GnR to be released later this year. 


2018 will be the ac/dc album. 


2019 is box set and retire the GnR name. 


2022 and 2027 are Axl Rose piano ballad Neil young type solo albums. 

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