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meatpuppet's Picasso avatar inspired me to find a new appreciation for art. 


Does anyone else have a favorite artist? Mine currently is van Gogh. He painted The Sorrowing Man, my avatar, but he is probably most famous for Starry Night and severing his ear. 


Really interesting biography. He was clearly a nutcase alcoholic and didn't really become famous until the, 'Oh shit. This dead, poverty I stricken, mentally insane lunatic could also paint'.


What say you GNFNR?

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Not only did I get him to sign stuff again.......I got an original sketch!!   Holy fucking shit!!  

I have a lot of favorite artists and pieces.   There are three at the Cleveland Museum of art I love checking out whenever I'm there:   This is a painting called "Lot's Frau" by An

I took mushrooms and went to the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam.    Best trip of my life, it was fucking amazing.    I spent 10 minutes sitting on the stairs laughing for no particul

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Most paintings don't do much for me for some reason. I'm a pleb like that. Maybe it's because the medium seems so far removed from contemporary life. I don't know.


I still love going to museums. The Birth of Venus was dope in person.



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I studied 3 years of history of art in the highschool, thats when I got in touch with lots of stuff about art in it's different forms. It's hard for me to tell my favorites, because today it can be one, tomorrow it can be another one. There's too many ... here you have some (painting/drawing, sculture, architecture)


- Van gogh

- Salvador Dalí

- Matisse

- Keith Haring

- M.C. Escher

- Auguste Rodin

- Mies van der rohe



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Last but not least is my favorite artist of all time, the man who gave us AKIRA, Katsuhiro Otomo.


He started as a manga artist but branched out to illustrations, record covers, posters and more.  No exaggeration to say that his work inspired me to come to Japan:



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We could spend all day on American comic artists so I'll focus on just one...my favorite...Frank Miller of Dark Knight Returns, Sin City, and 300 fame.


Sin City is great, but it's bare bones and black and white.  I've always preferred the work he did  with his now ex-wife Lynn Varley who colored his stuff in her inimitable unique color palette.


Here's just a few of many, many favorites:








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Bernat Morell (not famous) but I saw El Canto de las Sirenas in a small Spanish museum, and it's one of my favorites. I don't know his other work.



Jacob Isaackszoon van Ruisdael (or any of the other Ruisdaels)




I like light and shadow Caravaggio and this disciple Valentin De Boulogne

Consider this?



Arnold Bocklin




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On 9-3-2017 at 0:54 AM, theresnologicheretoday said:

(Contemporary) photography is my favourite type of art. I'm also involved. I cannot say I have a favourite artist in particular, though. I basically prefer and like certain pieces over whole portfolios/life works. For this reason, coming across the work from time to time is a great pleasure every time.


Yeah, this is my favorite type of art atm as well. I do have favorites, there are two artists, I have been following a whole lot of years now, already as a kid. They are Erwin Olaf and Anton Corbijn (the U2 and depeche mode guy). 


I also really like comic artists and liked everything EstrangedTWAT posted.

I also like street art a lot.


My favorite painter and also one of my favorite rock singers is the late Herman Brood. 

 It's a bit like street art. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herman_Brood

His music is great as well.


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