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Watch Guns N' Roses Get Booed for Forgetting the City They're Playing In

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9 hours ago, EstrangedTWAT said:

McBob got booed cause he fucked up.  GNR didn't.

He is part of GnR though - yes? Fernando and The Beta refer to GnR as being "their" band. 


But yes. The headlines have been misleading. They make it sound like crowds were booing during the concert and not just during the introduction. 


But holy cow. Doesn't this guy just have one main job? His work detail lasts five seconds - introduce the band. And he can't get the cities correct?

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Yeah, you guys CUCK me hard here, it's ain't fair!

It's a shame you guys don't agree with me when I say Axl sounds like shit, Slash is on autopilot and they play their songs 165x faster.


Please, stop CUCKING  me.




*Nightrain solo starts*...... NIGHTRAIN!!!!! *Nightrain solo continues*

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