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John Bonham


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19 minutes ago, inthisriver said:

I would just like to reiterate for those that are going to call me a big pussy, that I believed this to be the best move for the town.


At no point did I actually want to stop playing. This was a fun game for me.

Dude. WTF?





I thought you had some form of super power. 

Im 99% sure you're town and you got us to vote you out. 

This isn't sitting well with me

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3 minutes ago, Bill Brasky said:



unvote GNR liars vote ITR

Thanks for taking your vote off of me


If we both make it through the night I hope we can put aside our differences and work together

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9 minutes ago, jackie moon said:

i have a fun game, its called kill you and then see what happens.


official vote: ITR


if i had not done so already. several times.


I already had seven votes, and you were one of them, knucklehead. 



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39 minutes ago, GnRLiars said:

Fuck it




i don't want to accused of flip flopping

He says after flip flopping.

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There had been a lot of deaths in a really short time, but luckily, the Town had some tricks left up their sleeve...


arnold layne was very good at cerealing.
He was also very good at solving mysteries.


Unbeknown to the rest of the group, arnold layne had a mobile crime lab outside in his van.

After sniffing around for most of the weekend, he had a pretty good idea of who killed My Little Pony, Fat Albert, and Bugs Bunny.


In between snacks and crime lab analysis, arnold layne noticed someone lurking outside his van.

layne pushed the door open with his nose, crouched down and sprung at the mystery figure.


It worked! layne got the jump on him and pinned down the lurker whose face was hiding under a red hood.
layne pulled the hood off with his teeth, revealing the villain's true face.


That's when a poison gas sprayed out, killing arnold layne. Ruh-oh!



arnold layne was Scooby-Doo, Powers Cop, Town-aligned.

It is now Monday morning, and we are running out of cereal.
It is 6 Votes to Lynch.

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34 minutes ago, bacardimayne said:

So I guess Facekicker is the characters cop given how he focuses on characters, but arnold was the alignment/power-detecting cop. Or there's a third cop for alignments..

Arnold said he trusted two people, so probably knew that there were other two Cops, Facekicker and A.N.Other. Certainly an interesting way of spreading the power. As for Mafia-traitor:


A Traitor is a member of the Mafia who is separate from the main contingent of the faction. Because it is not a member of the main contingent, it is not capable of talking to the other Mafiosi and cannot perform the factional kill. Beyond this simple definition, the implementation of Traitor varies wildly between games.

This role is necessarily Mafia-aligned.


So basically, InThisRiver was on the same side as the Mafia, but had no idea who they were and likely had no powers beyond that of a Vanilla townie. However if he survived with them, he too would win the game. Traditionally, it seems that he probably should've played as a Bad Townie, that is to say, steer us from the scum rather than try to work out who the Mafia are. He's taken one for the team, anyway. It also says that they commonly give bad investigation results, which would explain any issues if any of the Cops tried to investigate him. 


My biggest question now is who Major Mayhem killed between magisme and GUNNER because he's filthy, and who brasky is. I was under the impression he was Scooby Doo, so he has some questions to answer for. What did you find out last night Facekicker?

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12 minutes ago, bacardimayne said:

Worth FOSing Bill for falsely implying he was Scooby?

This is what I wanna know.

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On 1/21/2017 at 10:21 PM, arnold layne said:

Bacardi is town but honestly I just don't give a shit. 


Yeah I am a terrible townie I know. 


Thing is he has time to post bullshit around the forum and yet seemingly cannot lift a finger to type anything at all here. It would be a different ballgame if he was gone completely but that's just not what's happening. 


For the record I've never advocated a Bacardi lynch so you are incorrect about that. 


But it's time to kill the day. People are going to drop out of this game if we don't play it. 


I would rather vote Hans to be clear, however like I said, I have no problem voting for an inactive townie for no regard for the game than someone whom I am unsure of.


If Facekicker is the cop I have full faith in him. He isn't an idiot. 


I trust Conor more though. 

I wonder what he had on Hans?

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56 minutes ago, Bill Brasky said:

Meet john bonham

his boy Gunner 

daughter cardi

and Jackie moon his wife


Rut Row...........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Role Reveal Astro??



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1 hour ago, Bill Brasky said:

I made rut row cool and was first 

even though I'm in the future 

Bill Brasky 

Silly white man

Even other Tribes in different regions agree he is terrible Mafia player

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