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With all the snow and rain the last couple of weeks, the Sugar River and Connecticut River are starting to flood due to ice dams breaking. This is a video from someone in my town outside of a local hotel. My town's square is completely flooded, the gas station has sandbags all over it and you can't take the main road out of town.


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I had my yearly physical the week of Thanksgiving. My health has been failing in recent years. I have had cancer scares, heart issues, breathing issues, put on a fuck ton of weight, thyroid issues, et

ordered mcdonalds the fucking idiot delivering it drove in a circle around my apartment for 20 minutes, unable to find it i went inside and contacted support after waiting at the door for 20

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4 hours ago, jackie moon said:

blocked a shot so hard tonight at floor hockey it drew blood, never saw that before. 



My boss plays real hockey as a goalie. I always laugh when he limps on in to the office after taking a puck between the pads.

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8 hours ago, AxlisOld said:

My boss plays real hockey as a goalie. I always laugh when he limps on in to the office after taking a puck between the pads.

I used to play real hockey as a goalie, which is why I'm tough as fuck. 


I was also a lacrosse goalie, anybody who signs up to get hit by a lacrosse ball is out of their fucking mind. 


In practice I would make legit effort to not get hit by the ball. It was survival. 

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Sixes, good for you man.  Keep it up!!  I'm rooting for you.  I'm also re-starting my weight loss journey.  Again.  On day six now.  So far so good.


On a completely unrelated note, I just watched the fourth episode of season four of Black Mirror called "Hang the DJ."

I know I'm a complete and utter fag, but I cried pretty much through the whole second half.  That was one of the best hours of TV I've seen in a long long time.  I just turned 40 and I'm still single and it's all such complete horseshit.  This episode really fucked with me.


I don't care that I'm a fag...you guys already knew that. 


Goddamnit.  I wish I had a girlfriend.



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On 1/1/2018 at 10:39 PM, Bobbo said:

But for real, never take this shit. The last two weeks have been a fucking nightmare with no end in sight...

So not that anyone really cared I was gone :lol: but holy fuck have these been the worst five weeks of my life.


The side effects of this medicine are relatively rare, but what I’ve learned from my ENT doctor and from the internet is fucking terrifying. Most doctors aren’t updated on the severity of the shit symptoms levaquin and Fluoroquinolones in general can cause, which is why they prescribe this pig filth so willy nilly. Fortunately for me, my ENT had a clear understanding of what was happening to me. Basically a nuclear bomb imploded inside my body.  First off, every single joint and tendon in my body fucking killed. This subsided but it’s on constant rotation. These effects cycle and come and go to the point they drive you mad. You can go a few days feeling like you’re your old self again, and then *FUCK YOU* back to square one. There’s no apparent rhyme or reason. My left knuckle on my left hand by my pinky is so fucked up this week. My left ribs feel like somebody smashed them with a sledge hammer. I was in the best shape of my life when this all happened too. Now all my hard work at the gym is falling by the wayside. But compared to everything else that’s small potatoes.


The mental side effects are also horrid and come and go without warning. Same story. They’ve simmered down a bit now, but weeks one and two I was so darkly depressed and anxious. Never quite got suicidal but I’ve never felt a sense of hopelessness and doom and gloom like that EVER in my life and I hope to never again. Unfortunately it’s not all up to me, and hopefully I won’t suffer a huge relapse (which sadly, is very possible).


There’s loads more, but bottom line is Im the lowest I’ve ever been ever. Some people heal within weeks, some months, some over a year, and some never. To think small children are crippled for life by this shit breaks my heart. Please, if any of you ever have to use this shit, please please please proceed with caution and weigh all your options like I should had. If you would’ve told me a mere six weeks ago a fucking anti biotic could utterly fuck up my life indefinitely, I would’ve laughed in your face..


Can’t use ibuprofen for pain, or benzodiazepines for anxiety and depression because blah blah science science they fuck shit up even more. All I can do is fuck around with vitamins and supplements, and just hope I get better. I can use all the hope I can get right now if anyone else wants to jump in...

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22 minutes ago, sixes said:

I have no idea what the mafia game is or how to play. I decided to check the thread out to see if I could pick it up. I am more confused than ever



take it from someone whos 'played' it a few times, I am more confused now then I was before.

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