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I had my yearly physical the week of Thanksgiving. My health has been failing in recent years. I have had cancer scares, heart issues, breathing issues, put on a fuck ton of weight, thyroid issues, et

Completely forgot I posted this here until I reread a PM today ūü§£. ¬† Me and this same girl are now talking about moving in together. Happiest I‚Äôve been in years. Life‚Äôs fucking funny. ¬†

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11 hours ago, The Linguini Occurrence? said:

Nate if your store ever gets a PA system and you decide to quit, this is the way to go.

















A champion of the people.


My job treats me pretty well.

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1 hour ago, jackie moon said:

is this related to something, or are we just saying things? 


I posted about going to New Orleans last weekend.  And yeah, it was pretty sketchy outside of Bourbon Street and the tourist areas.  Mississippi and Louisiana, the two poorest states in the country ... and it showed.  $1.84 for gasoline was a small consolation.  Beignets were okay, if you don't mind a ton of powdered sugar.  Subway restaurants had seafood salad which I hadn't seen in decades. Even though the weather was crappy, I don't have an urge to go back anytime soon.

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1 hour ago, jackie moon said:

is this related to something, or are we just saying things? 


Bill Cosby is innocent 

It was about Katrina.  The drug dealers (big time) all stayed, to keep their stashes safe.  This aspect was not heavily reported in the media, but it was a significant contribution to the lawlessness and crime, as gangs were hindered only by the water.  

But yeah, it was a response to a post from a few days before it.

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19 minutes ago, bacardimayne said:

i've been hearing about his "suicidal instagram post" and how the cops immediately rushed to his apartment after he made it for three days now


it's hilarious to me that all a celebrity needs to do is post a meme that says "i dont want to live on this planet anymore" and millions of people fear for their pampered lives


this guy makes millions and is alleged to have an enormous dick and i'm supposed to feel sorry for him because he can't get over ariana?


fuck that

That's the thing about depression‚ÄĒit doesn't matter if you have a good job, success, people who love you, talent, good looks, money, a big dick, whatever.

I've felt depressed. I've felt suicidal. I've been there. I know how it feels.

This guy had mental health problems long before he met Ariana Grande.

That's not my take at all, that you should "feel sorry for him because he can't get over Ariana."

My take is that I can relate. I know how he feels, and I am damn glad I don't feel that way right now.

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I was just out with some friends and co-workers and there's this spergy millennial dweeb we work with that just gets on my last fucking nerve.


Tonight I just exploded.  I actually screamed at him and called him a fucking cunt to his face.


I am really mad at myself for losing my cool like that.  I feel really gross.  This guy is practically retarded so it feels like I just beat the shit out of a blind old lady or something.

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48 minutes ago, AxlisOld said:

Have you noticed that no one says shit about Gen X? "Boomers ruined this, Millennials are little bitches, Gen Z getting more conservative."


Gen X gets left the fuck alone. Must be nice.

Nice? We're surrounded by fucking morons.

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