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Poo-phoria is when your vagus nerve is triggered by a massive poop. As a result, your heart rate is lowered, blood pressure drops, and chills run down your spine. Sound familiar?


Sound like the dump you conspicuously took at Bloomingdale's today? Sounds like that to me!


Yes, this feeling is amazing; however, it is possible to get addicted to it. Scientists do not know how addicts manage to always get their poop to be so large, but it can ruin your vagus nerve and, if you go too far, your entire bowel system.


One less serious side effect is known as defecation syncope. This is when you pass out on the toilet after a ginormous dump. You know when your vision goes dark when you sit up too fast? That is syncope. The same thing can happen when you are on the toilet and your bowel system is over stimulated. 

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