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trump mafia - town wins and lance can catch a boat to fuckoffity land


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Did you just assume my gender?  

Guys, guys, please respect Arnold's safe space.  He was triggered, threw a tantrum, and you all were so insensitive.  I am distributing adult coloring books to everyone, so we can come together and ea

In a game about Trump/Clinton there HAD to be voter fraud

Im glad you are giving up from a discussion you cant win.

No reason to vote for arnold so far.

I wont stop shitposting because I got nothing else to do and because I ll be killed tonight. The people love me, I ll be a legend like kennedy.

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I'm with the cucks.

This guy knows what Im talking about.


You said the partnership is the wall. The wall is bad. The partnership is bad. I will not be a just another brick in the wall. Instead, I will be a part of the resistance. We will dismantle the wall as it's being built, until a time when all of the cucks are either dead or the shits are finally removed. Power to the people! Viva la raza!

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I voted for (bolded and everything) Gunner, but since that doesn't count and Arnold still doesn't know that he should have already known pro Trump was mafia after everyone has explained it, I guess Gunner can wait for tomorrow. Kill him for me if I die tonight, because that cockmunch is mafia. 


Official vote: Arnold

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