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trump mafia - town wins and lance can catch a boat to fuckoffity land


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Did you just assume my gender?  

Guys, guys, please respect Arnold's safe space.  He was triggered, threw a tantrum, and you all were so insensitive.  I am distributing adult coloring books to everyone, so we can come together and ea

In a game about Trump/Clinton there HAD to be voter fraud

Read the thread.


I see now you were being careful (or intentional) in your politically-related posts.  That being said... you could still be dirty, as could gunner.. or nate.  Shit, typical game for me, I'm confused and trying to make sense of it all. Where's that self loathing CM Punk whiner, DS?  Motherfucker thinks he's all sherlock holmes n shit.    

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My partnerships are about loyalty, not about guessing. So, I have no idea if Arnold is mafia or not. And I dont care, as long has he stays loyal to our ally.

But, what I know is, me and Arnold, we were both mafia (with wasted) in the last game. Arnold was the boss... a very dumb boss. Hes not acting in the same way now. Last game he managed to get all the attentions at him. But now, I dont see what make you guys think hes mafia. Wovld bacardi make him mafia again? Besides everybody knows Arnold isnt a Trumps fan.

In the other hand, in the last game the wrestling huge fan was picked to be the one and only hulk hogan. Now who could this huge Trump fan be? Obama? I dont think so.

Everyone voting for Arnold in this conditions are highly suspicious to me.

Lets listen the inactive players (maybe the real townies missing)

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Someone explain to me how Nate didn't just out himself. Seems obvious to me he did.

Official Vote: arnold "the cuckmaster" lane

Cucks are Town. Did you read bacardi post?

I didn't have to read bacardi's post to know that. You did. B)

So, you kow you are killing a townie? :s

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