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John Bonham

Del James Worship Thread

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I doubt Trump will be worse than Obama. There's a lot of over reaction to Trump's symbolism. Like building a wall is just a statement if not a metaphor for securing the borders, that should be done already.

The two sides attacking each other, they misrepresent and exeggerate things - so some guy works for Alt right mag makes Trump a Neo nazi? Sorting through all the bullshit is not helping.

The election campaigns are a game. Trump of course was wild and shouting. Anything to win. Obama was the same, attacking Trump. Then they go back to diplomacy afterwards. Don't hate the player, hate the media.

Looking at how terrible Bush and Obama were, it's hard to see how Trump will be worse. He's off to a good start not investigating Hillary though. Bush was Iraq war, Obama bailouts and drone strikes. If Trump builds a wall and ups Infrastructure spending he's won.

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They say we die twice; first at our actual death, and then when someone speaks our name for the very last time.


Del James' name is on the November Rain video, as well as the opening of the movie "Signs" by M. Night Shyamalan.


Del James is going to outlive every last one of us, all because he befriended a ginger hillbilly cunt.


Really let that sink in......it's chilling isn't it?



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