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I swear someone is stealing from me.

The thing to consider is what working together and co-write means in GNR.

There seems to be a basic pattern of Izzy writes the song does the bare bones but then either Slash or Axl amp it up. Slash ramping up guitars for UYI or Axl even writing lyrics.

I think this is why Izzy disappeared for UYI recording. He thought it was done. He'd put in 10 songs, there was Civil War and Nov Rain. That's enough.

The other thing is although Izzy has a great UYI album there, he doesn't have the slightly, longer chunkier songs that I guess Axl and Slash brought. You need them for GNR.

Axl might have struggled on CD to find the Izzy type songs/variety. I think Better, Riad, Catcher, Chi dem have a little of Izzy's punk shuffle. But the rock n roll isn't there on what is basically a 90s in the 00s album.

Basically a GNR album opens with a big Slash rocker, then there's 4 Izzy punk rock n roll tunes, then the side ends with an Axl epic. Then repeat side 2.

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Article is great, except where the author calls Bad Apples a great example of what they were capable writing wise and caling Pretty Tied Up a dud

You ain't the first is boring mediocre song too!


and thanks JB for posting the Rumbo version of Bad Obsession. Haven't heard in years

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