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GAME OVER: Wrestlemafia

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(Really just an excuse to post as many Vince McMahon images as possible)

Damn_Smooth (CM Punk)

Bill Brasky (Hulk Hogan) - Prior to Heel Turn

magisme (Diamond Dallas Page)

Zoso Rose (Stone Cold Steve Austin)

Major Mayhem (Undertaker)

bacardimayne (Big Show)

altered beast

GUNNER (Eric Bischoff)

arnold layne (Kevin Nash)

John Bonham

GnRLiars (Triple H) - Prior to forming DX

wasted (Scott Hall)

jackie moon (Brock Lesnar)


bacardimayne (Big Show)

Damn_Smooth (Kane)

Mr America (Big Show)

bill brasky (Shawn Michaels) Prior to forming DX

Welcome to the fourth instalment of the Purgatory franchise, Purgatory IV: Not Purgatory. See the first Purgatory game, and the second, and the third for an idea of the game you have signed yourself up for. Now that you have your mostly randomly assigned roles, it's time to begin playing. As always, here are a simple set of rules for the game, but I've also attached a quick Mafia Guide for players new to the game.



Simpler, abridged rules:

1. Stick to your assigned role, and read it carefully. If you have questions regarding your role send the game moderator a PM.

2. You may not quote PM's in the game thread. This includes manufacturing fake PM's.

3. Communication between players is limited to the game thread and during the day only. Your PM with your role information will inform you if you can talk to another player via PM. If you are unsure of what the day is please PM the game moderator.

4. Editing or deleting your posts is strictly prohibited.

5. Please bold your votes.
Official Vote: Conor
Unvote: Conor

6. Once the number of votes to lynch a player have been made, the player is lynched and Night begins. Posting in the game thread at Night is strictly prohibited. Posting includes, but is not limited to, thoughts on the lynch, bumping, omg!!! etc. This rule will be strictly enforced. If you post during the Night there will be penalties. No exceptions.

7. Players with Night roles are encouraged to send the moderator PM's ASAP. If they do not receive your PM in a timely manner, expect your power for that Night forfeited. There will be a warning when the time is taking too long.

8. Do not post after you are dead unless told otherwise.

9. The moderator is the only one to make official vote counts.

10. Please post. If something comes up where you will not be able to post please let the game moderator know.
11. For those unsure of how to play, please consult this guide:-



It's going to be a slobberknocker.

Edited by John Bonham

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Welcome everyone to Monday Night Raw! This will be a momentous evening for all involved, that will change the course of the wrestling world forever. Tonight, we must elect a new Commissioner to take charge of such an occasion, following the untimely resignation of Commissioner Regal for reasons not yet disclosed. It will be up to the new Commissioner to determine tonight's main event, pitting two superstars against each other in one on one competition. For this reason, I suggest you choose your Commissioner wisely! 




The new Commissioner may heed advice from any one of you, but will have to determine the main event within five pages of being assigned the role, or there will be consequences for everyone. We have the opportunity, we have the talent, we can make wrestling great again!

Edited by Conor

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Do not abuse this chance at creative freedom, or power will be removed from the people, and People Power instead enforced.



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Guest ZoSoRose

I can't see Facekicker on the player list.Now we know who Cena is.

Conor, what happened to Facekicker?

Didn't he say he'd be busy these few months?

Also, obligatory "hi, I'm here and active and town!" post

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What happened to Conor's non-compete clause post?


Regardless, I'm not changing my vote. 


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Lance, Arnold and Zoso, the traditional dummies, who wants a partnership?

You know the rules and how it works.

Lets do it right this time.

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Do we have to bold our Votes for commissioner?

Yes, the voting process for the election is the same as that of a lynch.

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The best bet for commissioner is a straight-laced, active player who'll be around to discuss the main event nominees. I'd go with Liars or DS. Maybe even Gunner.

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