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John Bonham

Greatest Voices To Ever Be Recorded

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OK.  In no particular order


Axl Rose (of course)

Freddie Mercury

Chris Cornell

Sebastian Bach

Sammy Hagar


The first 4 pretty much speak for themselves.  They have beautiful voices and incredible ranges.  I add Sammy Hagar to the list cause I LOVE that wonderful raspy voice he has that is so perfect for rock & roll.  Plus, he has a pretty impressive range as well.

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your obsession with the shit, useless member of rock bands always makes me laugh


michael anthony and steven adler should form a band with two other "overlooked talents"


Yeah well, your obsession with Kanye is makes everyone laugh, borki junior.  Tell us more about he's so talented, profound, and avant garde, and how us unwashed plebs don't understand him like you do.  



i mean, "michael anthony was essential to van halen" isn't a bold claim


"michael anthony has the greatest voice to ever be recorded" is asinine


Well I never said that, you dirty maple leaf felcher.  I thought it was pretty clear I was talking about rock n roll bands' backing vocals.  And his was one of the greatest ever recorded in that context.  


And, and Michael Anthony was in Chickenfoot.  Go ahead, talk shit.  

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Chris Cornell




Michael Anthony.  You may laugh, but those backing vocals were an essential part of Van Halen's sound.  Eddie's tubby kid can't sing worth a shit.  

As a bass player he meant little to nothing but agree......his backing vocals were sublime.

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OK, here are mine:


Axl (obviously)

Jeremy Enigk  from Sunny Day Real Estate

Maynard James Keenan from Tool and A Perfect Circle

Stuart Murdoch from Belle and Sebastian

Hope Sandoval from Mazzy Star

Jeff Mangum from Neutral Milk Hotel

Kurt Cobain

Thom Yorke

Jonsi from Sigur Ros

Julian Casablancas from the Strokes


and good old dead Scott Weiland.  I honestly think he had a beautiful and versatile voice when he wasn't all fucked up.

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Fredesvinda García. Her weight (she was over 300 lbs) gave a very distinctive, androgynous sound to her voice.



She appears as Estrella Rodrigues in Guillermo Cabrera Infante's book about Havana's night life during the years of the Revolution, Tres Tristes Tigres (published in English as Three Trapped Tigers) (1966).

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