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Hoping/predicting this is all a fad and these shows and movies from the 2010s are all going to look incredibly dated in the future.   In a few years, we will see the return of strong men and

The token black character has been replaced by the token lesbian character. Hollywood so woke that a nigga can't get a toke anymore. #MeToo even got GNR knockin' on heaven's door.    Yeah, t

finished Fargo season 1 ,much better than True Detective. Now im watching Rectify i like it 


What about Westworld? Has anyone seen it? I saw the first episode it was pretty good


Second ep was a slight drop off but still good. 



The show has potential, the actors are great, Anthony Hopkins was a perfect choice for that role. Thank god they dropped the love story line, when i first watched the pilot episode, i thought the whole show is gonna suck

I saw the original 1973, 90 min movie and it was ok

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The Night Manager is brilliant.

I was skeptical about Tom Hiddleston being the next Bond but not after this

I have the Night Manager on PVR, haven't known anyone who's watched it.

I'll check it out

Not bad, a little unbelievable at times. Like Bond, why not just shoot this guy in the head.
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