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The Simpsons Thread

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26 minutes ago, Wilco said:

Outside of a few episodes I'll never get the love for The Simpsons. It was a trailblazing show, to be sure, and a cultural phenomenon in the 1980s and 1990s. Can't deny that. It's pretty clear that circa 1991 or 1992, Bart Simpson was a massive cultural icon in a way few cartoon characters have been. I will not deny the show's importance, or it's impact. That'd be like saying The Beatles weren't important

It's just....I love cartoons and I've never understood how they're better when compared to say, King of the Hill. They paved the route for adult oriented TV animation. But I feel like just cause they were first doesn't necessarily mean they were best. I've tried watching the early seasons with my Disney+ subscription but outside of some episodes of a few of the early and mid 1990s seasons, I just feel like it's just not that funny. It's well written and works as a sitcom. But it's not that funny in my opinion.

Maybe you're just too smart for The Simpsons and everyone else in the world that thinks it's amazing is wrong. Please take several pages to elaborate.

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Simpsons is easily one of the wokest programs on American television and has been steadily increasing over the last decade.   What was once the most boundary-pushing, subversive, downright l

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4 minutes ago, AxlisOld said:

Maybe you're just too smart for The Simpsons and everyone else in the world that thinks it's amazing is wrong. Please take several pages to elaborate.

I actually never said that, and I don't think I'm too smart for The Simpsons, and never said that "everybody else in the world is wrong." Also, I highly doubt that "everyone else in the world" think it's amazing anyway.

I just think it's well written, but I don't find it funny. Everybody has different tastes in things. 

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On 4/11/2020 at 11:34 AM, Knuckles said:

I'm actually curious about getting a discussion going here. I feel like they all have their strong and weakpoints and I'm genuinely interested in hearing why say A person favors A or B show. It's interesting to hear another perspective on it. I think adult cartoons are very important. It'd be cool to hear why say, you favor such and such over the rest.

Like for example, this may be heresy, but outside of a few episodes, I've never understood why The Simpsons is so acclaimed. I get that they were the originals, they did it first. But even watching the early episodes, I don't feel a lot of the humor has held up. To be honest, the humor strikes me as very odd. I actually feel pretty ashamed for not liking The Simpsons, because I want to. I just don't get what I'm missing that most people see. Of the ones listed here, my favorites are King of the Hill - because the humor is so subtle and the entire premise is very real and relatable, and Family Guy for a cheap laugh. 

Most people here will probably pick the Simpsons, so, I'm curious as to why it's considered so good, at least the first decade of it.

I've never really understood Groening's stuff in general. Futurama is okay but I never found it funny. Whereas I love Beavis & Butthead and King of the Hill, for whatever reason, stuff Mike Judge does just resonates with me. I feel like it hits this nice middle point between the extreme stupidity of Family Guy, the extreme cynicism and satire of South Park, and the more refined, more sitcom-esque thing The Simpsons does.

But I wanna hear other perspectives, because I know mine is in the minority. And I feel bad for it.


On 4/15/2020 at 4:13 PM, AxlisOld said:

We get it dude. You're so intellectual that you're above liking something that's universally agreed upon and loved.

Miser: "I don't get the Simpsons"

Society: "They're amazing, here's several examples why."

Miser: "I dunno man, I don't get it."

Society: "Here's many more reasons and examples of why everyone loves it."

Miser: "I dunno man (inserts inane opinion again differing from logic."

Society: "Well pretty much everyone in the world agrees on it."

Miser: "Am I so out of touch? No...no it's the Simpsons fans who are wrong."

Society: (gives up)

Miser: (bumps own topic to reiterate opinion)

Round and round.

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I don't think the show will be on much longer only because the newer generation doesn't appreciate The Simpsons like people 30+. 


I would bet most Simpsons "fans" in their thirties would admit that they stopped watching the show years ago. 


It isn't good anymore. 


Now more than ever before, FOX is trying to push new animation shows. They used to coast along with Family Guy and the Simpsons but with television slowly dying, you can tell they are getting desperate to retain viewers. 


I think we are near the end. I give it two seasons more. 

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9 minutes ago, bacardimayne said:

It's as good as any of the other contemporary animated sitcoms. Maybe a little worse than Bob's Burgers. I don't see why they'd cancel it. It clearly makes them enough money to justify paying the cast exorbitant salaries.


I am probably talking out of my ass. I haven't bothered to watch Bless the Harts or Duncanville. 


I just feel as though if they really want to survive, they need a reboot.

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Yeah, it's all about the writing, really.  And sadly, that team they had that created all the classics in season 3-6 have all long since moved on.

Al Jean fucking sucks.


I can't imagine the team of pussy ass woke diverse 30 year olds that comprise the current Simpsons writing room.

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Treehouse of Horror episode 17.  I'm still at it.  It's getting tedious.  Next year I'm definitely just watching the best segments.  At least I'm over halfway, but sadly, the second half is exponentially worse.


This one had a cold open with Burns as the Cryptkeeper that's only notable cause Moe is in it, killed in an iron maiden, and Moe rules.


Segment one....Homer becomes a giant, cannibalistic blob.  Pretty dumb, but not terrible.  Has some moments.  The Baby Got Back remake was unnecessary.   The best part is probably Homer killing Dr. Phil.  Everyone hates Dr. Phil.


The next segment is the Jewiest Jew thing that ever Jewed.  It's even Jewier than the Jerry Lewis one.  Bart gets a Golem, a Jewish warrior/demon thing from Krusty, and it wreaks havoc.   Krusty mentions doing "a shoebox full of blow"....can't believe that got by the censors in 2006.  This one is not terrible, but not good.  Subjects us to the hideous voice of Fran Drescher, who tries extra hard to make her voice more hideous than usual, if possible.   This one is complete filler and completely forgettable.


And finally, the War of the Worlds parody, with Kang and Kodos invading Springfield.  Orson Welles is is in it.  (Well, not the real guy...he died in the 80s and playing Unicron in Transformers: The Movie was his last role.)  This segment has ONE good joke in the whole thing, where Lou, the black cop watches the aliens suck the innards out of Wiggum and says "Well, they didn't eat the skin...that's healthy."

Ends with the single most heavy handed, maudlin, over the top, "message" ever seen in one of the Halloween episodes, basically beating us over the head with the idea that "The war in Iraq is bad."   No fucking shit.  It's libtard Hollywood at its cringiest, talking down to the audience, preachiest peak.  Insultingly bad.

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18 hours ago, EstrangedTWAT said:

Yeah, it's all about the writing, really.  And sadly, that team they had that created all the classics in season 3-6 have all long since moved on.

Al Jean fucking sucks.


I can't imagine the team of pussy ass woke diverse 30 year olds that comprise the current Simpsons writing room.

I don't think Matt Groening has any ties anymore. If you watch the new episodes,  they credit him as "Created by Matt Groening".

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Matt Groening has very little to do with how successful the Simpsons became.  He's not a very good cartoonist at all, and he's always been a libshit.


The early stuff that was primarily his doesn't hold up...it's not very good.


It was that writer's room they assembled with guys like Conan and John Swartzwelder and all those guys that made the show what it is.  And they resented the hell out of Groening taking all the credit.


Yes, he designed the characters and gave the typical family sitcom a bit of a "subversive" edge, but it was those writers that took that seed and turned it into the best sitcom in TV history.

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Well, some of the best Simpsons writers at the time migrated over to Futurama, so that's when a lot of people feel the Simpsons started to suck.


But not everything Matt Groening stamps his signature on turns to gold.  That medieval show on Netflix fucking sucks.   It's unwatchable.


Anyway, today is the 18th, so I just finished the 18th Treehouse of Horror.


I remember this one cause it was 2007, the very last episode I watched as it aired in America.  I was at my friend's house in Cleveland at the time.  All the rest I've downloaded and watched here.   Crazy.


From this point on, they pretty much rely on movie parodies.   There's probably at least one movie parody segment in all the remaining episodes, sometimes two or three.


The first one was a (kind-of) take off of E.T. with Kodos befriending Bart so he can build a space portal to destroy all humans.  It was OK, I guess.


Next was a parody of the movie "Mr. and Mrs. Smith"....does anyone even fucking remember that?  It had Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.  I think I watched it once and it was shitty.  Anyway, Homer and Marge are competing assassins for hire.  It has one good line, where Chief Wiggum says there was a report of a "elaborately-choreographed high-octane ultra-fight."


The last segment is the only one that's even remotely about Halloween....Bart and his friends are pranking the town and Ned Flanders has a "Heck House" at the church to scare them straight.  They put on a little play with Skinner looking at an old Playdude magazine from 1966 and then getting hit by a cardboard schoolbus driven by Rod and Todd.  Flanders says "He's being punished for thinking women are beautiful!"  I always like that line.  Then the real devil possesses Flanders and the Heck House becomes a real Hell House.  It's not a bad sequence but it was really short and felt tacked on at the end.


There's still a few good segments left, but we are almost into godawful shit territory, too.  Should be interesting.


I think episode 31 airs tonight, but I'm just not gonna watch it til Halloween, cause that's the plan.

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1 minute ago, EstrangedTWAT said:

Next was a parody of the movie "Mr. and Mrs. Smith"....does anyone even fucking remember that?  It had Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.  I think I watched it once and it was shitty.

I vividly remember hearing about their "chemistry" for months as a result of that movie. I've never seen it.

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Well, FOX's scheduling fuck-ups have ruined my perfect plan of a month of Treehouse of Horrors, but I'm just gonna keep going anyway cause I don't wanna sit through all of these again.


Today brings us to episode 19, aired in 2008, right before the election.  So the cold open is Homer trying to vote for Obama but getting sucked into and killed by a rigged voting machine.  Remember 2008?  When you weren't told that the president is literally Hitler every 2 seconds of your fucking life?   Good times.


First segment is another movie parody, although a loose take off of Transformers.  It's pretty short and has very little "plot" actually.  Best line is when a robot named Sex Toy walks in and the others say "Where have you been?"  and Sex Toy chuckles and says "Where haven't I been?"


Second segment starts with a parody of the Mad Men opening credit sequence even though the segment has nothing to do with Mad Men.  They're really desperate for pop culture references I guess.  The plot involves Homer killing celebrities so their images can be used in ads.  Homer kills Prince and Neil Armstrong, which has gotta be awkward now when this episode airs in re-runs.  Rip Taylor is your other dead celebrity sighting.


This segment also revolves around the idea that Abraham Lincoln was gay.  I'd never heard that insinuated in my life.  But they really run with it.  Weird.  Also weird that they use VHS tapes in this segment.  I know those were very obsolete by 2008.


The last segment is a very accurate parody of the Great Pumpkin, and it's probably what I'd consider the last "great" THOH segment.  It's a wonderful mix of Charlie Brown and the Simpsons.  Milhouse is Linus and he believes in The Grand Pumpkin, only unlike the Charlie Brown version, in this one the Grand Pumpkin actually appears.


One interesting thing to note is that Nelson says "The Grand Pumpkin is super gay!"   I bet this line was cut or censored or re-dubbed since then.  There's no possible way super woke ass fucking faggy ass Simpsons of today would allow something so "offensive" to remain uncut.  There's probably trigger warnings for it on Disney +.  Most likely the woke crowd hasn't discovered it yet, but you can bet as soon as they do, they'll raise holy hell on twitter and the Simpsons staff will bend over backwards apologizing.    Fags.





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On 10/17/2020 at 9:55 AM, arnold layne said:

I don't think the show will be on much longer only because the newer generation doesn't appreciate The Simpsons like people 30+. 


I would bet most Simpsons "fans" in their thirties would admit that they stopped watching the show years ago. 


I loved the show since it exploded in 1990 but without exaggerating I think I stopped watching over 12 years ago.


I caught a new one a year or so ago and was shocked at how dumb/blatantly rude it was.

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It's been "The Simpsons" in name only for the better part of 15 years now.  Yeah, the character models are the same, and the voice actors, for the most part, but that's where it stops.


All of the characters have been castrated, for lack of a better word.  Any bite or satire they once possessed are long gone.  They're all politically correct caricatures of the characters we once loved.


Homer used to be a genuinely selfish asshole.  Now he's just a misunderstood, sweet, caring man that does his best but messes up sometimes.


Bart was a little prick.  He caused trouble just for the pure hell of it.  Now he's just a misunderstood, sweet little boy that sometimes messes up.


It's boring as fuck.  I'm like Cardi though....once I start something, I have to finish.  I've watched every single one of these rotten episodes over the years, and some of them were so putrid I could barely finish them.  But I have to be able to say I've seen them all.  And I hope it ends some day.   Some day SOON.

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And now Treehouse of Horror 20.


20 days for me...two long decades for them....and there's still another 11 years to go!


The cold opening was good, in my opinion.  The four classic Universal Monsters go out to have fun on Halloween but are mocked for being old fashioned so they get some more "current" costumes like Iron Man, Spongebob, Jack Sparrow, and Harry Potter.  They go to a party at the Simpsons house and all is going well til their wives show up and kill Homer.  


First segment....MOVIE PARODY.    This one is a take off of "Strangers on a Train" where Bart and Lisa have to kill each other's teachers.  It's in black and white and the animation looks nice.  There's a lot of Hitchcock references which are fun.  It's decent.


Part two is a MOVIE PARODY.   This time it's "28 Days Later."   I don't usually care for zombie movies, but this send-up was fun, especially Apu's scenes.  Not bad.


Last segment was a MOVIE PARODY.   (Seeing the trend?)  This time it's a loose parody of Sweeney Todd, only it's at Moe's and he's serving beer tainted with Homer's blood, that everyone loves.   It's also set up as a stage production, which is a bit of a novelty.  Has some fun little songs in it, but I could have done without the "Homer is gay" song.  It helps that Moe is the main character....Moe makes just about everything better.


That's actually three solid segments for an episode so late in the series.  Maybe one of the last times I'll say that.  Get ready for more MOVIE PARODIES though.

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Still at it.


This one has a bizarre opening.  There's a full minute of Professor Frink that ends with a gag where he kills himself, then it abruptly changes into a pointless shot for shot re-do of the opening credits of The Office with monsters as office employees.  It's like they couldn't decide and just went with both.  Very weird and doesn't work at all.


The first segment is the only good one, and it's really short, too.  Bart and Milhouse are playing old boardgames and they come to life.  It's amusing.  The best part by far is when Milhouse chooses to die, Titanic-style, as he and Bart are afloat a Scrabble tile.   Milhouse says he's just tired of living and lets go and drowns.  He has the best look of contentment on his face as he sinks to to his death.





The Flanders boys also meet a gruesome end.




Like I said, this is one is short, simple, and fun, the way they used to be.


Segment two is a MOVIE PARODY.  Shocker, right?

This one is based on some old Nicole Kidman movie called "Dead Calm" that I never bothered to see, even thought she's nekkid in it and I used to think she was sooo hot back in the early 90s before she became a botoxed face freak.




Anyway, this segment SUCKS.   It's a murder mystery set aboard a tiny boat in the ocean, with only Homer, Marge, and some random dude as the characters.   It's really tedious to sit through and I've never liked it.  It would rank pretty close to the bottom if I listed all the segments.


Then it turns out it's all in Maggie's imagination as she takes a bath, and there's another Clockwork Orange reference.   We're still in for one really, really good Clockwork Orange/Kubrick segments, so stayed tuned for that one sometime in the next several episodes.




Segment three is another MOVIE PARODY.   It's based on Twilight, which already sucks, so the parody double sucks.  The kid that played Harry Potter in the movies voices the kid vampire that falls in love with Lisa.


This segment is notable only for using the immortal Tommy Wiseau line from The Room:  "YOU'RE TEARING ME APART, LISA!!"    Although it's completely wasted here.  If anyone should have said that, it should have been Milhouse.


And that's it.  21 down, 10 to go.

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