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Wrestling was never my thing but I will always appreciate the weird gifs and videos @Dr. Strangelove, @Bill Brasky, and @Conor post. 

new ink fellas

Simpsons is easily one of the wokest programs on American television and has been steadily increasing over the last decade.   What was once the most boundary-pushing, subversive, downright l

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51 minutes ago, EstrangedTWAT said:

I've had all the episodes forever, but I recently upgraded JUST the Halloween ones to HD after someone ripped them in their proper aspect ratio off Disney + or wherever the hell they stream.


So if you have a VPN and don't mind a little torrenting, that's what I did.


I'll watch episode 2 tonight after work.

Thanks I’ll find our a torrent source from Disney and rip it, and fuck vpns. The authorities can come for me, I’ll unzip my pants so they can suck my cock upon arrival.

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OK, time for number 2!

This episodes segments are The Monkey's Paw, Bart gets psychic powers, and they put Homer's brain in a robot.


I like it...the Monkey's Paw one is really fun.  So is some of the crazy animation in the Bart segment.  Plus he renames America "Bonerland."  The Homer robot one is the weakest, but it has some great dialogue between Smithers and Burns.


Hopefully it's a clear night wherever you are you can see the full moon.   But I really hope Halloween night will be even clearer, cause there's another full moon this month!  That's right, not only is it a blue moon, but a FULL MOON on Halloween....how spooky!   I love it!

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i giggled when mr burns was reading the graffiti in the bathroom stall


"somebody drew a big crying cucumber"


but yea, try 22 years if you want quality simpsons


post-season 10 simpsons is as watchable as any other contemporary animated sitcom, but those first 10 were special

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Well I tried for hours to upload the halloween episodes for you guys, but all my attempts failed cause my computer is a worthless piece of shit on its last legs.  It loves to just spontaneously turn off these days.    So I'm afraid if you wanna follow the Halloween marathon, you're gonna have to do a bit of pirating on your own!


The third one is where I think things started really getting good and falling into place.  I love the bridging sequence with the Halloween party at their house.  It just brings back lots of wonderful nostalgic memories of Halloween as a kid.


Also love that Bart is dressed as Alex in A Clockwork Orange.  I don't think I understood the reference when the episode first aired.


Segment one is the possessed Krusty the Clown doll and it's a classic.  Homer's uncomfortable dialogue with the creepy old shopkeeper is one of the best of all time.


Owner: We sell forbidden objects from places men fear to tread.
       We also sell frozen yogurt, which I call ``Frogurt''!

Owner: Take this object, but beware it carries a terrible curse!
Homer: [worried] Ooooh, that's bad.
Owner: But it comes with a free Frogurt!
Homer: [relieved] That's good.
Owner: The Frogurt is also cursed.
Homer: [worried] That's bad.
Owner: But you get your choice of topping!
Homer: [relieved] That's good.
Owner: The toppings contains Potassium Benzoate.
Homer: [stares]
Owner: That's bad. 
Homer:  Can I go now?



Part two, as you'll see as the series goes on, is generally the weakest.  King Homer is all right, but not particularly "Halloweeny."   Great sight gag at the end as Homer climbs the building.


The last section is about zombies and it's just good old zombie shooting fun.  My favorite line was cut for syndication but thankfully restored:  "Is this the end of Zombie Shakespeare?"

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9 hours ago, old man said:

what's the difference between the simpson's and family guy?


Tread carefully. The general consensus here is that Family Guy is terrible. 


I, along with Miser (Fuck me), actually like Family Guy a lot. Is it a knock off of The Simpsons? Of course. But it makes me laugh, which The Simpsons has failed to do in over ten years. 


Too different styles of humor anyway. The Simpsons was known for it's wit. Now that that's completely gone, there is nothing enjoyable about the show. 


Family Guy is just stupid humor. No intelligence to it whatsoever, but that's why I like it.

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2 hours ago, arnold layne said:


Tread carefully. The general consensus here is that Family Guy is terrible. 


I, along with Miser (Fuck me), actually like Family Guy a lot. Is it a knock off of The Simpsons? Of course. But it makes me laugh, which The Simpsons has failed to do in over ten years. 


Too different styles of humor anyway. The Simpsons was known for it's wit. Now that that's completely gone, there is nothing enjoyable about the show. 


Family Guy is just stupid humor. No intelligence to it whatsoever, but that's why I like it.

thanks for explaining exactly what the differences are. both shows are reasonable enjoyable, especially if drunk or high

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Tonight is episode 4.   Now, a lot of people feel that 5 is the absolute best, and it's certainly in the top two for me, but in my opinion 4 is my favorite of them all.


Segment one is Homer selling his soul to the Devil, who just so happens to be Flanders.


Segment two is Bart seeing a gremlin on the side of the school bus, in a parody of that old Twilight Zone episode (and movie, which the voice of Bart was actually in.)


And Segment three was a take off of Coppola's then current Dracula movie.



The main reason I love this one, other than the hilarious sight gags and jokes crammed into it, are the amazing drawings and aesthetics.  It has a great look and feel to it.


Look at the design of this demon from hell's kitchen...awesome!




And then Devil Flanders gets pissed at Homer and morphs into the Demon from Night on Bald Mountain from "Fantasia."  I love that.




Homer falling into hell is gorgeously animated for such a "cheap" show....I am always impressed by the swirling vortexes of purple:




Look at the exasperated face of the little green demon as he refills Homer's never-ending donut supply.




I also love segment two for the way it perfectly captures a dreary, overcast, fall day when the sky is filled with clouds and the air is full of dead leaves.  It's so atmospheric.




The design of the Gremlin is wonderful too...just like the demons before:





And segment three has some fun Burns moments mixed with poking fun at the Dracula movie.  "His hair looks so queer."


I love how vampire Burns is doing stuff and his shadow's actions don't match.




And finally, there's a very rare shot where they break their usual animation protocol by having the bottom of Bart's mouth going the opposite direction of his head.  It looks weird and bizarre and they rarely, if ever, do it again, but it was a great effect here:




So these are just a few reasons that this is my absolute favorite Halloween episode, mostly for the stellar animation, but also for the atmosphere, which is appropriately "Halloween-y."   And it's funny as hell too!

But don't worry...I know episode 5 is also considered to be the best of all time, and we'll get to that.......tomorrow!

For now, savor Treehouse of Horror IV!!!

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V is an excellent episode, but I think my favorite has to be VII. Really, V, VI and VII is the perfect trio of Halloween episodes. I think my first Simpsons piece of media I ever owned (aside from the video games Road Rage and Hit & Run) was a Treehouse of Horror DVD that had those three episodes, plus the twelfth for some reason.


This was the cover art, and man seeing it takes me back. The box is yellow and I've watched that thing more times than I can count now, even after getting the seasons on DVD. Also, oddly, the DVD menu features Mr. Burns in his vampire form, despite that episode not being one of the ones featured. Weird.


Anyways, in my opinion all three of the VII segments are absolute gold. I still use Dr. Hibbert's retort to Lisa correcting him whenever I get the chance to.


Hibbert: Yes, I remember Bart's birth well. You don't forget a thing like... Siamese twins!
Lisa: I believe they prefer to be called conjoined twins.

Hibbert: And hillbillies prefer to be called sons of the soil. But it ain't gonna happen.


The Genesis Tub is kind of weak in comparison, but I love when those spaceships come out of the tub and start attacking Bart. For some reason I've always been very amused by Marge's "The waffle iron's in the shop" line.


And Citizen Kang has one of my absolute favorite election jokes in it, where Kang and Kodos, after being exposed, say that they have to vote for one of them since it's a two party system. Some random chimes in saying they'll vote third party, and Kang (or Kodos?) says "Go ahead! Throw your vote away!" and we see Ross Perot take his hat off and punch right through it. As a kid that went way over my head but the first time I watched it after I got into reading up on elections, it made me laugh pretty hard. Also, I love Brockman referring to the Clinton-Dole contest as "America flips a coin." Really, all of the election jokes are great, from "abortions for all" to "don't forget your stinkin' flag" to "a refreshingly frank response from Senator Dole."


Should've waited a few days to talk about it, but sorry, just felt like gushing about it tonight!

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Treehouse of Horror episode 5 is arguably the series' most popular, and for good cause.


The first segment is a spot on note-for-note parody of The Shining that's given us many wonderful quotes and gifs for years.


(Ironically, Matt Groening admitted when they made this that he'd never even seen the movie!)

The second segment is inspired by the Ray Bradbury story "A Sound of Thunder."  Homer accidentally turns his toaster into a time machine, but when he goes back in time it creates ripple effects and changes the present.  It's absolutely brilliant and hilarious; one of the absolute best moments of the Simpsons by far.  James Earl Jones has a line in this one too.  When it starts raining donuts I don't think I've ever felt more sorry for Homer as I did in that moment.


The last segment can't possibly live up to the first two, but it's still decent.  The teachers turn cannibal and start eating the students.  It's got some good zingers and sight gags like they all do.


Episode five is a must watch!!

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October 6th, so it's time for Treehouse of Horror 6!


We're coming down to the wire on the all time classic episodes.


This time the long openings are done away with, replaced with a quick cold open of Krusty as the Headless Horseman.  It's moody and funny and just sets the tone.




Segment one is again fantastic...."Attack of the 50 foot Eyesores."   Just like in the school bus segment, the animation of the storm is really eerie and I love that late October feel it gives off.




Plus it's the first appearance of Lard Lad!   Homer pisses him off by stealing his colossal donut, and even though it's not really Halloween themed, I fucking love the image of Homer sucking a beer in his tighty whiteys, pantyhose still on his head, chilling in his giant stolen metal donut that he can't even eat.  But he "acquired it legally, you can be sure of that!"




The best visual gags in this part are with Mr. Peanut and the one with the high school basketball player.   I won't ruin them.


Segment two is a perfectly cromulent rip off of Nightmare on Elm Street with Willie as Freddy Krueger.  This one is most notable for lousy Smarch weather and Kirk Van Houten not liking the idea of Milhouse having two spaghetti meals in one day.  Also Martin gets a particularly gruesome death scene.




The final segment was a big deal at the time cause it was the first ever all CGI Simpsons animation.  It's pretty dated, but it's still fun.  Lots of jokes at Patty and Selma's expense, and also the movie TRON.   Also the first time live action footage was used in an episode.


OK....check that one out and tomorrow we can finally talk about CITIZEN KANG!!!

Edited by EstrangedTWAT
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When I was a kid, the part with the high school basketball player simultaneously made me laugh and feel sad at the same time. That might sound weird, but I was also really saddened and really angry at Bart not getting to go to the chocolate factory in that other episode... What lesson was he supposed to learn exactly, Lisa? Such a high and mighty bitch, as always.


Uh, anyways, VI is probably tied with VII as my all time favorite. That first segment is non stop laughs all the way through - Homer ominously saying he'll get his colossal donut, followed by the squeaky voiced teen's "You don't scare us!", Homer in his tighty whities as you mentioned, Flanders running in the background screaming "Help me lord!" as Lard Lad comes to Homer's door only to have Homer say "I told you, Flanders has it! Or Moe. Go kill Moe." All moments that had me laughing out loud the first time I watched it, and many times after.


In segment two I feel like the best two parts are Martin's death and his body subsequently being exposed to the kids and then rolled into the kindergarten, and the flashback to how Willie died. Always loved how he rushes into the room screaming for help, then calmly sits down when Skinner tells him Kirk has the floor. Then at the end of that, we get to see Willie sweep himself into a dustpan and throw the ashes in the trash. After Willie's defeat we're also treated to seeing him get off the bus to scare the kids, then run after the bus because "I left my gun on the seat." - Side note, when Willie loses his shoe and says "Aw, shoot!", for years I thought he said "Aw shit," though now hearing it again I have no idea how I heard that.


The final segment is easily the weakest, but still good. Seeing a 3D Homer on the back of the DVD case is actually what made me pick it up, because I think I had just beaten The Simpsons: Hit & Run on the Gamecube and the style strongly put me in mind of that. I mean, I probably would have grabbed it anyways, but that sealed the deal. Anyways, one of my all time favorite parts is when Wiggum fires into the wall (note: with each shot Frink's hair actually goes up and down), and then the bullets come zooming into the "third dimension" before they swirl down into the black hole Homer made. Seeing Homer pretty much walk right into it after Bart tells him he has to jump is also a favorite moment. The ending is also classic, with Lovejoy saying Homer's in a better place, before he falls into a dumpster and comments "This is the worst place yet." But he loses his nervousness after seeing an erotic bakery.


Tomorrow's my favorite Treehouse of Horror episode. Unfortunately after that, each episode got weaker and weaker, in my opinion at least. But thankfully it seems like the rot that overtook the show took awhile to affect the Halloween episodes, so we got a slew of at least decent ones even in overall bad seasons. Actually, I haven't even tuned in for the Halloween episodes since... 2011, I think? So I don't know, subsequent ones might be decent. But that episode didn't exactly inspire confidence, since the first segment came off as more Family Guy than The Simpsons, if it's the one I'm thinking of. The Dexter segment was neat since I was a fan of the show at the time, but that was the same year it started going downhill, which is oddly kinda fitting when you think about it, as it's another example of The Simpsons always being late to the party in its later seasons.

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And here we are folks....episode 7, featuring the infamous CITIZEN KANG!


It's already been discussed a lot, but let's add a bit.


This is probably the last TRULY great THOH episode, and I'm not really crazy about the first segment. 

It's a bit odd that the first one is the weakest, but that's just my opinion for this one.  It's about Bart's evil Siamese twin, Hugo.


It's all right.  Dr. Hibbert has some of the best lines/scenes.


I really like part two.  I love how just minutes go by in the real world, but centuries are going by in Lisa's science fair project.  It's just a really fun sci-fi concept.  Futurama had a very similar episode years and years later, where a tiny civilization evolves on Bender's chest as he hurtles through space.


And of course, there's Citizen Kang, the single most accurate and scathing satire of our shitty fucked up government/election process to be on TV until stuff like Veep and House of Cards came along.  People sometimes get mad at me when I tell them I don't vote.   I abstain from voting for my own reasons, not cause the Simpsons told me to or anything, but they really summed up a lot of why it's all such horseshit and a waste of time.  Of course, they lost all their bite decades ago and now kiss the ass of any lefty faggot that comes along, but at least for one third of an episode they told the American people the truth....voting doesn't matter.


Say it with me everyone, loud and proud, I want them to hear us in Washington:


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