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The Simpsons Thread

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We all know how shit the Simpsons has been for actual DECADES now.


But some reason, this week's episode really touched me.


I'm an atheist and I've always enjoyed when the writers get particularly nasty about what a dildo Flanders is for being such a Christian asshole.


But this entire episode was about Todd not believing in god anymore cause he missed his dead mother.   It was deep, it was sad as hell, and it was touching. 


Maybe I'm just a complete pussy in my old age, but my heart just broke for poor little Todd Flanders.  This was some actual new territory for the Simpsons after all these years of fucking shitty ass retarded episodes.


Give it a watch and see if you thought so too, or if you think I'm just an enormous moist vagina for feeling bad for a little cartoon boy.

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37 minutes ago, arnold layne said:

That is sad. 


It may be the worst show on television now. There isn't even any humor now. I don't even know what it is. 

Can tell you don't watch wrestling. Raw and Smackdown were the worst shows on television for years until a company called GayEW started up and put a show on Wednesdays. WWE decided to put their C show on Wednesday to compete for absolute suck, but their isn't a clear winner. Just know that nothing in television history compares to the shittineaa of Wednesday night wrestling.

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