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Social Justice Warriors, Feminists, Miser and Other Retards

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3 hours ago, magisme said:

Trans people are so deluded and/or retarded that they literally don't understand why normal people don't want to play with their laboratory bits.

It's like vegan cheese. The select few who prefer it are fucking weird, those who are ok either way saying it's just as good are delusional, and any rational person thinks it's disgusting and only wants the real thing.

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If anyone is down for some funz, I'm troling the nails board. These guys are up the Dems ass and everything is a conspiracy theory. The in the headlines section/conspiracy thread is where the fight is http://www.echoingthesound.org/community/forum.php


Hahahaha I got banned. Fucking faggots. Not allowed to disagree over there. Not allowed to question Democrats, sure as shit can't say fag or cocksucker. That place was Soo cool back in the day. Fucking liberal sjw bullshit ruined it. 

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the original frozen, as universally well received as it was, got a few complaints for being "too white"


so what does disney do with the sequel? makes it a propaganda tool to push reparations and has the two main characters discover their aboriginal ancestry


you can't make this shit up :rofl-lol:

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10 hours ago, Facekicker said:



Congratulations to Greta Thunberg for being named Time Person of the Year. 

Jesus wept.....


We've stumbled headfirst into an Idiocracy and I see no way out.


Our culture has reduced itself to worshipping Down Syndrome teens who pontificate about world issues they don't even understand.


If a correction doesn't occur in the coming decade...even if it takes a Hitler type to correct....I want the clathrate gun to fire and just wipe us out.


I can't stand the constant idiocy anymore. There's no escaping it anywhere.


Cure or kill....

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