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Responsible Diverse Citizens, Brave Feminists, Proud Democrats, Axl & Other Amazing People

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I won't lie. Frankly, to me, it's a buncha cop outs and nonsense. I believe it's delusional to see yourself as anything other than what you actually are. You can be a feminine male, a masculine female, feel more comfortable in dresses, have girls that are more inclined to play with tonkas, cool. Those adjectives are the REAL social constructs. But you're still either male or female (except in obvious special circumstances, which is not the case for the majority of the population or even the majority of trans folks). Where does it end then? The whole demanding or referring to opposite pronouns, alter egos, is all delusional to me. BUT, at the same time, I can accept the concept of different strokes for different folks and can at least let it slide in my mind so long as it's not personally affecting me or somebody close to me. I won't judge you as a whole based off of just disagreeing with one aspect of how you live your life.

But in terms of the bathrooms though, unfortunately for genuine trans people's, it's a case of opening Pandora's box. In reality, the way the law is set up, a guy wearing a wig, dress, and padded bra are MORE than they have to do to legally access a women's bathroom. They could just go in their regular street clothes, and it would be perfectly legal. It's all about identifying as a female, period. And unless they get caught doing something blatantly illegal, like harassing the women, jerking off right in front of them, etc. the women technically have no legal way to kick them out. This goes for locker rooms at public pools and gyms too. Thats fucking bonkers. Which is why so many people take issue with it. The law is too loosely defined, and there's really no way to please everybody with this kind of thing. Yes, sex crimes are still illegal, but it makes it easier for pervs to accomplish their dirty deeds. And don't give me "legal repercussions hardly deter pervs". Pervs are a lot of things, and sadly, one of those things are that they're smarter and more cunning than you think. They typically don't wanna get caught for the horrendous acts, and making it easier for them to enter a women's restroom/locker room is a recipe for disaster. If regular looking men entering women's facilities becomes the norm, nobody is going to think twice when the one seemingly normal looking guy who's actually a perv walks in. Giving them such a easy and effortless open door policy like that is definetely going to be taken advantage of and anybody trying to argue different are living in la la land. Breaking into someone's home is illegal, but we still lock our doors at night, right? More or less the same thing here. It's a shame for genuine trans folks, I get why they feel like we're raining on their parade. But do we really wanna up the ante of innocent women getting attacked just so that we can feed the delusions of .3 % of the population? I'd say no.

i agree with pretty much all of what you said, in particular the last sentence. all this bitching pissing and moaning is over a small percentage of 1 percent of the population. to me it doesn't matter where anyone takes a shit or piss and i cannot believe this has actually become some kind of hot button issue for such a small percent of the population. i feel bad for the actual transgender people but those "gender fluid" snowflakes are another story. 


"if you look like a guy use the guys room, if you look like a girl use the girls room, and if you are a bearded guy wearing a dress, hold it until you get home" - bill maher.

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another former member of "that place" checking in. how are you lot doing? Me, I felt, as they say "fucked up and out of place". this board seems a lot of fun, with lots of honest and kind people.

Shit she just was playing cowboys and Indians.

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Really? Reset my vote when I'm offline and then kill me with only 2 votes before I had the chance to vote again?  :facepalm:


I feel better now I told Cona to fuck off.

Conor didn't kill you the independent player did lol gunner



What the fuck does that mean?

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Means you were not voted to be lynched by town or mod killed or killed by the mafia the game has a player not affiliated with town or mafia and they killed you bud.


That's against the rules ...


The night only starts when the NUMBER of votes to lynch a player have been made. Watch rule #6:


6. Once the number of votes to lynch a player have been made, the player is lynched and Night begins. 


What matters is the NUMBER of votes and not the KIND of votes. And the number was 2 .... that's not enough to finish the day.


The fckn Mod doesn't follow his own rules :facepalm:

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I think there will be a moral backlash one of these days if the momentum keeps going towards extremes. It will be like when earth's magnetic poles reverse.


The trigglypuff community was banned so I have to go on youtube to search for the funny videos.

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i think you guys will like this

I do like this a lot. It rings very true. Ppl that think they are the most liberal think their way is the only way. They refuse to listen to anyone else's ideas and beliefs and are quick to censor. Extremely Liberal ppl in govt can be very dangerous to us. They want to control every aspect of our life. Meaning all my crap got deleted from the politics thread on the other site because it was misinterpreted as not leaning left far enough.
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I was publically insulted by a SJW for speaking my mind. Then I became full on angry, white republican female that leans libertarian and has been known to vote democrat and had too much to drink and is always fiercely protective of Nate and then insulted Lance. I'm sorry Lance. Pls forgive me. It had nothing to do with you and I feel and think none of those things I said about you. I was drunk. I don't drink much and was horrified to see my comments when I logged back on.

I think I had you confused with someone from another site. My anger was misdirected. I don't remember writing them to you or about you. No more tequila for me. Well, at least the next time I'm not eating the worm.

I hate a damn SJW. Glad there aren't any here.

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