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1 hour ago, Wilco said:


No, it's my belief. Words are words. Actions are actions. I'd rather be called every name in the book than physically harmed. To me, words are just that at this point - words. Abstractions. Meaningless. So Miser wrote a rape fantasy....And? It was a fucked up thing. But I mean, you could write a monologue about how you'd love to see my mother's corpse dug out from the ground and violated ten ways from Sunday - and it'd just be words. I wouldn't even be angry. They're just words.

and i'd stop posting in the aforementioned community


like for real, 4 ever


we get it, you had a fucked up upbringing in this regard. you are a textbook sociopath. oka,y that's your problem bro


you said you watched and lived through fucked up child hood memories, guess what, i'd lived up pretty sick shit too in my younger days, but i'm not going to post about all of that shit ina GNR forum, because.... nobody cares, idiot. especially n ot going to details, because





just fucking stop and go away and see a therapist or something. you will get abused here, so what's the point?

fuck off please

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another former member of "that place" checking in. how are you lot doing? Me, I felt, as they say "fucked up and out of place". this board seems a lot of fun, with lots of honest and kind people.

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1 hour ago, Wilco said:

I'll add:

Murder is worse from the POV of the survivors/loved ones of the deceased, but I am talking from the victim(s) perspective. I stand by that from that perspective, rape is worse.

I've spent decades on gore forums, even if you are right from that persepctive, the outcome is the same: death

that's why i'd never wrote shit that you do and that's why SOME words matter


but whatever

its just a forum at leats we are not on 4 chan level but you are dangerously close to it....


if you find these things fascinating, then try and "fit in" on gore forums and post this shit there

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On 12/30/2020 at 6:03 AM, bacardimayne said:





Deserves to be reposted again in the thread 

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On 1/1/2021 at 6:51 AM, Cigarette Smoking Man said:

Black guy in Dublin robbed a store armed with a knife. Attacked the store manager and smashed his teeth and nose. Manager was hospitalised. Black guy runs home to where he lived followed by police. Police have a standoff with the guy for TWO HOURS. He still has the knife and is threatening people. Police pepper spray him. It doesn't work. Then they use a tazer on him. Doesn't work. He charges at an officer with the knife held over his head and then the police open fire and kill him. 


Cue all the libtards here accusing the police of being racist. 200 black people march through a shopping center chanting "Justice for George, no justice, no peace!" March up to police station and block traffic outside by taking a knee on the street. 




See, this is how poisonous libtard shit in the U.S. spreads like a fucking cancer everywhere else. 


We don't need this fucking horseshit here. 



All the uni students/welfare losers (AKA rent a crowd) here were get up in arms and protest every time one of these US deaths occur too, or at least were until COVID.


As the pandemic was kicking off, these (mostly white) cunts were gathering in their thousands over the death of one man in another continent, putting hundreds of thousands of their own countrymen's lives at risk to COVID.


Fucking oxygen thieves.

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