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jackie moon

Jackie Moon Presents: The Combat Sports (WWE/MMA) Thread of Excellence

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7 hours ago, Major Mayhem said:

My hope is that they'll bring the old school style back, the slow build, while incorporating some of the new style.  You're right about TNA, but that has always been awful.  It also came about at a time when wrestling had just collapsed.  It was basically the equivalent of the first springs of life after a volcanic eruption or nuclear blast.  All the non-WWE wrestlers were well past their prime, or inexperienced and unbelieveable.  Now, 20 years  they've long since retired, died, or they are seasoned veterans, almost like when the WWF got big in the 80's and had that all-star roster.  In addition to AEW, there are a lot of other options out there that are easily accessible.  A luxury we wrestling fans have never had.  ROH and IMPACT are established promotions with 20 year histories. MLW puts on a good show.  Booker T's ROW is a good show.  Between the Fite app and YouTube, there's no reason to watch the same old WWE storyline of the evil Mcmahon bullshit.  Hopefully, the AEW will at least provide some real competition and push them to be better.  The WWE is so pasteurized now, it's unwatchable, even with all of the talent they have.  The cable companies will catch on to this wave of wrestling popularity, give these companies tv contracts, the passionate fans will tune in, the young WWE fans will see something different and realize  shit WWE is, and McMahon will be in another, different war with the territories.

The wave of popularity is imaginary. I read about these promotions, but if I saw any of their wrestlers on the street I wouldn't know who they are, and I'm a lifelong wrestling fan. The casual market that made the Monday night wars popular is long gone. Even the “smashingly successful” All In only did 25,000 PPV buys. WWE is booking for the stupid ass dirtsheet writers as hard as they can already, and it's killing them. No sex appeal, no top guys that actually look like stars and no interesting storylines because it's “the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat” (Kellers dumbass favorite quote) that “the Keltzers and The Mellers” (stole that from Russo. Still the only guy that knows what's going on after all these years.) have convinced MarkHH and MarkMahon that the people want to see, while it's the complete opposite. A promotion built on match quality for fake fights appeals to the smallest wrestling audience there is. It has never worked, and it never will work. Don't get me wrong, I do wish it would. I wish somebody would come along and give WWE the asskicking it deserves for being so stupid, but I really don't see it happening with the same approach and Chris Jericho with a bunch of New Japan wrestlers. Heard they're even thinking about Goldberg because they aren't smart enough to know that he was being booed a month after WWE brought him back. :facepalm: Maybe we can have a 52 year old guy go on a streak while a bunch of “vanilla midgets” (thanks, Nash.) do triple flips around him. Sounds great. Maybe doing away with WWE's retarded 50/50 booking would help, but I'm definitely not getting my hopes up.


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