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Axl and Slash "not on great terms", will do no interviews or be photographed together

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There are raw mixes already out there - listen to this set, it's the mix Axl would've gotten before the songs went into the final mix. It is rawer, but still has the same problems as the final product which I mentioned:

Yeah I've heard these....but if these are the mixes Slash always raved on...I don't get the praise. Like you said, it's not  much different from the final product. There has to be a version of those sessions we have yet to hear. If not, Slash was on crack when he said that shit and my interest in such a release drops to zero.


For example....I love the Izzy songs....but would like to hear a different vocal take on DTJ as its too slick. Same with Dust N Bones. LOVE that song as is but it lacks the feel of the live versions.





Even though I like DNB more than 14 Years, his vocals on 14 Years are better.



Can you blame Izzy for leaving though?

Of course not. Its just from a fan perspective I wish he could have stuck it out. Everything went to shit after he left. Check out that post Izzy departure GNR discography.


Call me crazy but I think had Izzy stayed but Slash left anyways in 95, GNR could have survived with the Stradlin/Rose song writing duo intact but obviously finding a damn good Slash replacement would've been key. Slash leaving would have created a void no doubt but it sure as shit wouldn't have led to the Chinese Democracy saga.



The new album talk was all to cover up that they were a touring nostalgia act.

Once the saga entered 2006 and up until 2014....this is pretty much truth. It was bait and switch. Dangle a chinese carrot to hardcore fans while hitting the road to tour and promote AFD.



It was never about creating anything new, and moving on from old guns. If it was, things would have turned out differently, to say the least. He sure did talk a big game, to convince fans that "his vision" was something more than being a tribute act, and if there's one thing he is great at, it's whipping the fans into a frenzy.

He didn't do any press when CD was finally forced out because he didn't care about it.

Some good points but I do believe he had genuine interest late 90s up until 2001, 02 at the latest. I think the label sending the material back to him(multiple times) pretty much killed any desire he had for the project. Just kept adding musical layers to the same songs instead of actually creating new material with the band. The album in 2008 and for shits and giggles lets say CD II comes out in 2017, every song on both albums dates back to the Beavan sessions no matter who lays down an extra solo on the tracks.


Axl gets a lot of the blame, maybe some of it warranted but fans are too willing to give the label a free pass on how this saga turned out. He wanted it released in 2001. They wouldn't do it. Had they simply agreed and wrapped it in cellophane and thrown it in stores, we'd have had the same album we got in 2008 but in 2001 instead and it wouldn't have had infinite layers of noise added to it. That 2001 version of Chinese Democracy is the real Chinese Democracy.


Hell it wound up having the same album cover it was going to have in 2001-02. You say Axl didn't care about it in 2008. An easy case could be made for that but the label didn't care either. They just wanted their money back they had sunk into the project. The fact they could reject the album in 2001 yet accept the same album seven years later with such a horrid mix shows they no longer cared and may not have even bothered listening to it. Just looked at the track list, assumed it was the same thing he sent in last time, and wrapped it up.


Just reading your posts was enough of a reason to sign up to this forum!

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