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The Tommyknockers - GAME OVER - Town Wins

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The town had four other names before it became Haven.
It began municipal existence in 1816 as Montville Plantation, but most folks just called it "Route 9."

In 1831, Montville Plantation became Coodersville.

Coodersville it remained until 1864, when the name was changed to Montgomery, in honor of Ellis Montgomery, a local boy who had fallen at Gettysburg.
The change seemed a fine idea.
After all, the town's one remaining Cooder, crazy old Albion, had gone bankrupt and committed suicide two years before.

In 1878, the residents of the town voted to change the town's name yet again, this time from Montgomery to Ilium.
This provoked a tearful tirade at town meeting from the mother of Ellis Montgomery.
Montgomery became Ilium, just the same.

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I believe this was the original, right here.

Well you certainly didn't learn that kind of language from your bible.

Long before the March town meeting at which Article 14, 'To see if the town will approve changing the name of Incorporated Maine Town No. 193 from ILIUM to HAVEN,' was discussed and voted on, Preacher


Along came a fast-talking revival preacher who spread his tent in Ilium.

He went by the name of Colson, but some eventually became convinced that Colson's real name was Cooder, and that he was the illegitimate son of Albion Cooder.

Whoever he was, he won most of THE TOWN over.

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In this game, there are a certain number of players, divided into two groups: the Town, and the Mafia. If you are a member of the town, you win if, at any point, all mafia members are dead. If you are a member of the Mafia, you win if the Mafia ever comprises a majority of the remaining players. (For example, if there are three mafia members and two town members left, the mafia wins.) The way you go about this is simple: you kill off people you don't like.

Here's how it works:

Each game 'day' is divided into day and night. During the day, players post in the thread, trying to decide which members of the town are really members of the mafia. Each player gets one vote per day, and whenever one player has a majority of the town's votes, that player is lynched by the town, and is eliminated. Votes look like this:

Official Vote: arnold layne

Please bold your votes for them to be counted.

If later, you decide to change your vote, post this:

Unvote: arnold layne

During the day, the town tries to decide who is acting like a mafioso, and debates about who to lynch. However, the mafia will try to mislead the town into lynching a town member instead.

After a player is lynched, the day ends, and it becomes night. No player may post during the night. During the night, the mafia chooses one player to hit, and will PM me their choice. That player is killed, and eliminated. Also during the night, some players may have night abilities (detailed after the game begins. If they wish to use these, they PM me with their actions during the night.

Players with beneficial night abilities like this would be best to keep them secret, so as not to become instant targets for the mafia. Therefore, it's usually best to keep your abilities secret for at least the first portion of the game.

After all night abilities have been received, the next day will begin. I will post in the thread the obvious results of the night actions, such as who was killed and whether they were mafia or town; however, I will not tell you who killed who. The point of the game is figuring out who, after all.

Also, no outside communication is allowed by town members. The mafia, however, can communicate with other mafia members via PM, e-mail, or whatever. The mafia knows who is in the mafia and who is in the town, but each town member is ignorant of what alignment anyone has except themselves.

Also, there is to be absolutely no editing of your posts! I cannot stress this enough. If you edit your post, you may be hiding information that you accidentally revealed but did not want to. That is why you must be very careful in what you say! Double posts are allowed if you forget some information and want to include it.

Play continues in this day/night sequence until either side's victory condition is met, at which point the game is over.


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How do we decide who's town and who's mafia?

During THE DAY, the townspeople (including the mafia, since no one knows who they are) have a meeting.

i.e. They post in this thread.

The goal of the meeting is to lynch a mafia member.

Beginners might be appalled at the lack of actual information they have on which to base a decision, but vigilantes have been lynching people for centuries on just about the same amount of information.

Try not to worry about it.

You can now post in this thread to indicate your willingness to play.

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Mr Hartley, the Methodist minister, grew ever more alarmed by the evangelical fervor which was sweeping Ilium like a cholera epidemic.

Perhaps this was because Methodists are the most undemonstrative worshippers of God.

But now these previously undemonstrative people were doing everything from speaking in tongues to holy rolling.

Next, Mr Hartley sometimes said, they will be handling snakes.

The Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday meetings in the revival tent beside Derry Road became steadily louder, wilder, and more emotionally explosive.

'If it was happening in a carnival tent, they'd call it hysteria,' he told Fred Perry, a church deacon and his only close friend, one night over glasses of sherry in the church rectory. 'Because it's happening in a revival tent, they can get away with calling it Pentecostal Fire.'

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Colson fled, having harvested a goodly crop of cold cash and warm women instead of pumpkins and potatoes. And before then he put his lasting stamp on the TOWN by changing its name for the final time.

His sermon on that hot August night began with the subject of the harvest as a symbol of God's great reward, and then moved on to the subject of this very town. By this time, Colson had stripped off his frock coat. His sweatsoaked hair had tumbled in his eyes. The sisters had commenced getting down in the amen corner, although it would be yet a while before the speaking in tongues and the holy rolling got going.

'I consider this town sanctified, I consider it a haven. Yes! I have found a haven here that reminds me of my haven-home, a lovely land maybe not so different from the one Adam and Eve knew before they went picking fruit from that tree they should have left alone. Sanctified!'

'Amen!' the congregation cried back. The night, though warm, was perhaps not quite warm enough to completely explain the blushes on so many feminine cheeks and brows; such flushes had become common since Preacher Colson came to TOWN.

Talk about changing the name from Ilium to Haven began the very next day.


1. Damn_Smooth - Richard Pryor, Mafia Boss

2. GnRLiars - Eddie Murphy, Mafia aligned

3. magisme - Dave Chapelle (Town-aligned).

4. arnold layne - Bill Cosby (Town-aligned).

5. Valentina - Bernie Mac (Town-aligned).

6. bacardimayne - Steve Harvey (Town-aligned).

7. GUNNER - Kevin Hart (Town-aligned).

8. Conor - Chris Rock (Town-aligned).

9. Catch Her In the Rye - Lois Lane (Town-aligned, News Reporter)






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I'm in

Official vote: Bad Apple

I'll pass


Still don't fully understand the rules and i don't have much interest to learn this thing :shrugs:


sorry for the off topic, i will not post in this thread from now on




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Strange reports were coming out of Haven.

Reports of two local Police officers dead, reports of the State Police officer investigating their deaths missing.

Folks with relatives in Haven saying that they hadn't seen or heard from so-and-so all Summer.

Folks saying all they hear is static, or a strange, vibrating noise when they try to phone.

A 7-year-old boy gone missing from a magic show.

A group of older folks attempting to drive down Route 9 thru Haven said their car just stopped working, and then they all got sick with vomiting and nosebleeds.

Some old women, in their late-'60s, driving thru to a casino in Lewistown, even said they began to menstruate when they hit the Haven town line.


Five votes to Lynch.

You may now post in the thread.

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Ah, the joys of day one. So things we should be considering: Player experience. I know at least a few of us have played games before, that works both ways. Experience could be helpful in the long run in fingering people, but they'll also make better mafia members. There's too few people to make a couple mistakes here. On that, in an eight player game there are likely gonna be two mafia members? I doubt any town members have power roles, maybe a mayor with a double vote or doctor at most but I'd be surprised, and maybe an independent but then things are fairly stacked. 


Dissection over, need to hear from everyone now but day one is always a shit show

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