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Izzy Stradlin "Will" be playing Vegas, despite recent claims to the contrary

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"he can't even run his own life, be damned if he'll run mine"


He's said he doesn't like touring.

And maybe he hates waiting around to put out music too.

I doubt he really cares about playing Coma and Nov Rain. He's not a stadium rocker.

As a band Fortus makes them more powerful.

He may not even be a fan of attention.

So it all makes sense really. Maybe he would be tempted to recoup some of the earnings Axl lost him back in the day. But his committment seems in question long term.

Maybe he doesn't want to do another record with Axl. Fortus may have a song in the mix and parts all over the material.

That's like hitting 50 and dropping your wife of 30 years for a 25 year old - just when the business you ran finally hit it big. And making excuses to justify it.

Izzy should be there because he was a large part of the reason GnR made it big and was so popular. Making all these excuses to defend Prince Axl's decision to exclude him is just silly, IMO.

Fans of the band would rather see a true reunion. Not 50% of one.

Some of you guys take everything that Axl does that most people find as a negative, and you spin it into a positive. It's a bit weird to watch.

Not releasing music and not doing a full reunion - these aren't positives. They just aren't. They are Axl taking the easy way out. With making money being more important to him than the fans of the band. Fans - you know, the people that made Axl who he is today.

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Steven is a pathetic cuck who probably paid to take up a seat in Frank Ferrer's tour car. The fact that he's there while Izzy isn't says loads about how low he's willing to sink to get high again.

Damn I just said some meaningful shit.

It seems like Adler use to blow Izzy back in the day to fees his heroin addiction. I don't think Izzy will come back if Adler is around. He doesn't want to deal with that dude trying to suck his cock before every show. Izzy probably hasn't been a drug dealer in decades.

And the big three doesn't want to deal with that drama either. That's why you see Izzy make appearances in the past, and we've seen Adler make a few appearances. But never the two of them together.

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