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#ThrowbackThursday   4 years ago today, Hillary Clinton was "leading Trump by 14% in nationwide polls"   Cc: @Downzy

The Dems have completely lost the plot. I have voted Dem or 3rd party almost exclusively (voted for McCain in a primary) my whole life, but 2016 to 2020 radicalized me against these sleazy, lying

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There was an anti mask protest in Dublin a few days ago and guess what...a bunch of Antifa cunts showed up and violently attacked everyone with weapons while shouting - "Nazi scum off our streets." 


This is why I can't stand shit American politics anymore, it infects everywhere else. 




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I wonder how realistic it is to expect that people who’ve been polled are either:

A.) lying and saying they’re voting Biden because of some kind of “shame” in voting for Trump or...

B.) lying to throw the libshits off in thinking Biden’s a shoe in and bringing their guard down

I’m, of course, little more than a simple village idiot, so I have no idea how realistic that could be. But I have wondered that lately. As of right now I still think Trump’s in serious trouble, but as per usual, hope I’m wrong.

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With the insane climate right now in America do you think there are people out there who would be afraid to admit that they are voting Trump? 


Personally I know of several people in the US who are secret Trump supporters but who cannot admit it due to fear of an insane backlash from their family and co-workers. 

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Am I to assume that lighter colors mean questionable but likely, and darker states are considered solid? Because California needs to be a whole lot darker, and Oregon will be blue. Rural Oregon is red, but Salem, Portland, Eugene, Bend, all gonna throw it blue.



Gotta love when people are screaming "go vote" are the ones who want Trump out. "Everyone vote! It's super important to vote (for my guy)"

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You are in for a world of shit if you come out of the Pussy Wagon and tell people that you are a Trump supporter. Why chance being blacklisted down the road by admitting that you are a Trump supporter to some pollster? This is why these polls are bullshit. I figure there is at minimum a 1:1.5 ratio of Trump supporters outside to inside the Pussy Mobile. I live in Canada. I bought a MAGA shirt and hat before the 2016 election, and for me it was on par with buying a Randy “The Macho Man” Savage or Bart Simpson “Underachiever” shirt as a kid. But the media has brainwashed enough of the public to whereas I could now be attacked on the street by a complete stranger for wearing a Trump shirt. 

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2 minutes ago, Facekicker said:

If you aren't 100% on board the Biden good, Orange Man Bad train in fucking IRELAND you are in for a world of shit. 


Let that sink in. Why the fuck would anyone in the U.S. admit to being a Trump voter? It's suicide if you don't live in a GOP dominant area. 




Why do the irish care so much.


People wear Maga gear, and fight over it


Thats insane, you must have antifa cells

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It's also the media. 100% libshit. 


Loads of our media consumption is American content. 


And since Kennedy the Irish are obsessed with the Democrats. 


University College Dublin has a school named after the fucking Clinton's for Christ sake. 


There's a statue of Bill Clinton here and a plaza named after Obama. 


It's fucking ridiculous. 

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