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The Dems have completely lost the plot. I have voted Dem or 3rd party almost exclusively (voted for McCain in a primary) my whole life, but 2016 to 2020 radicalized me against these sleazy, lying

#ThrowbackThursday   4 years ago today, Hillary Clinton was "leading Trump by 14% in nationwide polls"   Cc: @Downzy

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Just now, Wilco said:

And....? The entire world is run by pedophiles. If you think your PM isn't a pedo you're delusional.

I'd rather have a system where a bunch of retards can potentially vote in a pedo rather than a system that ensures the same family of pedos rules forever.

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1 minute ago, bacardimayne said:

I'd rather have a system where a bunch of retards can potentially vote in a pedo rather than a system that ensures the same family of pedos rules forever.

Either way, you're getting a pedo, so it's the same difference. Monarchs are trained from birth to govern, and their entire duty is the good of the country. They aren't beholden to special interests as such, or face election so they aren't always campaigning and trying to buy votes. A President in the US is already starting their re-election campaign within two years of being in office, so they spend most of their Presidency campaigning. 

A Constitutional Monarchy is my preferred type. The system the UK has especially prior to 1911 with the Houses of Lords and Commons is a better legislative system.

We tried replicating that here to an extent with the Electoral College and restricting the vote to land holding males. That got eroded. We also had it in place where Governors chose Senators. That got eroded too. This country was an aristocracy with Republican and Democratic trappings but we were never fixed on the idea of either. Washington was offered to be King, and there was even consideration of enlisting a Prussian prince to become our King; a formal offer was made, which he declined. We're left now with a bastard Democracy.

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I clicked on Trump rally and it was a leftist lunatics commenting. I know I should have just not typed anything, but they are so retarded I just love to make them cry.


I will probably be firebombed the next time I go outside.

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4 hours ago, Wilco said:

Would anyone be against America & Canada going back to Britain? It'd be nice to be able to travel throughout the Common Wealth relatively easily and I'd be honored to be a subject of her Majesty the Queen.

I really have grown to hate this country. Or at least where I live. I'm embarrassed when I say I come from/live in Brooklyn. 


I mean, this is not even edgy anymore


At one point, you're a nixonian, then sometimes libertarian, then a traditional democrat, then a fan of Trump, then a traitor cuck (Monarchist )


You really have....issues


I'll save this cuck post for future meltdowns and stupid miser threads

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3 minutes ago, arnold layne said:

Donald Trump at +130 now. Trending towards the favorite. 

Will only get tighter the closer to election, pollsters in the last round of polls will have it very close to save their own asses, happens every single election. Plus the early voting reports in Michigan(and to an extent Wisconsin) makes Trump's path much clearer. Win Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, Arizona, Michigan and he wins reelection. Biden will have to run the table in the rust belt and then try and flip Arizona.

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2 hours ago, arnold layne said:

That's what they want you to think



They have a lot of smokes but do they have Ziopo lighters, because without a Zippo why we even smoking? Get that flame set on full beam and let’s Go!

Edited by wasted
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1 hour ago, bran said:

Car rally in Pennsylvania, organizers had a goal of 600 vehicles, they got 6700.


Staying in your car might be the solution to covid. Get a little RNB going, a few light beers, slide that seat back. Eye contact. No need to hit the mall today. 

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