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2 hours ago, Donald Trump said:

WWE hall of famer cutting room floor promo:




Michael Cohen, Trump's former lawyer in his book said Trump was obsessed with Obama and offered this as proof. The media started to carry this but it was quickly dropped after the context of this being for the 2012 RNC convention came out lol.

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#ThrowbackThursday   4 years ago today, Hillary Clinton was "leading Trump by 14% in nationwide polls"   Cc: @Downzy

The Dems have completely lost the plot. I have voted Dem or 3rd party almost exclusively (voted for McCain in a primary) my whole life, but 2016 to 2020 radicalized me against these sleazy, lying

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9 hours ago, bacardimayne said:


Why waste money and time going to college? I guess it’s just for keeping appearances, I doubt mommy and daddy know what their little princess gets up to when she’s online.


Stupidity going rampant in these new generations.

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19 hours ago, bran said:

San Diego boat rally


Seeing stuff like this reaffirms my belief that Trump is gonna do waaaaay better this time around, even in states he won't win. I don't look for him to flip New York or Massachusetts or California or anything like that, but Biden's margin of victory there will probably shrink a decent bit from when Obama and Clinton headed the ticket. That being said, I think Trump will be flipping Minnesota, New Hampshire and even Nevada and Maine at large, and until recently I was thinking Biden would win Michigan, but even that isn't a given now because of how terrible his campaign has been doing things. He's such an awful candidate I could see him eventually doing something to lose other stronghold states, like Oregon, Colorado, New Mexico and Virginia. Obama was right about one thing, don't underestimate Joe's ability to screw things up.


Y'know recently I noticed that Illinois hasn't had any major polls done, or not any I could find. I know it won't happen, but can you imagine if Biden somehow managed to lose that one? Imagine the meltdown. Their would be so many voice boxes blown out as a reaction to that. It's not in the cards I don't think, but Christ alive that would be funny.

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9 minutes ago, EstrangedTWAT said:

Yep.  That's our next President to die or step down in his first year in office, and our first black lady President that nobody ever elected.  That's how it's gonna play out.

She would be worse to the world than coronavirus

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2 minutes ago, EstrangedTWAT said:

Yep.  That's our next President to die or step down in his first year in office, and our first black lady President that nobody ever elected.  That's how it's gonna play out.

Nah, I really don't think Biden will win, nor do I think they're gonna steal it for him, though for a bit I thought that what you said may have been where they were heading and it is for sure a contingency plan in case Biden somehow wins. I think what they're doing instead is releasing all these heavily biased polls showing Biden winning by landslides so that people will call into question the legitimacy of Trump's presidency even more than they already do. That way they can keep the anger their faction has burning hot for the next four years as well as keep the Russian hacking excuse going (both would have anyways), which will fire up the base and make the candidate of their choice more likely to be elected against whatever awful followup to Trump the Republicans nominate, who doesn't have the advantage of incumbency and probably won't be able to hold onto Trump's following. I mean you're already seeing people say "There's no way Trump can win! Look at the polls, he's so far behind!" Because the polls were so correct last time, weren't they?


That's just speculation on my part though. Then again, that requires a bit of strategizing and long term thinking to pull off, which the party hasn't been doing much of lately, so I'm probably giving them way too much credit.

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Death to Cuomo's version of NYC.

Fuck Him,

i hope he gets killed at a BLM Riot



Sorry Sixes and anyone still residing in NYC.


Its one of my favorite cities to visit, and only 4 hours away, I want that city back to normal also.


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