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#ThrowbackThursday   4 years ago today, Hillary Clinton was "leading Trump by 14% in nationwide polls"   Cc: @Downzy

The Dems have completely lost the plot. I have voted Dem or 3rd party almost exclusively (voted for McCain in a primary) my whole life, but 2016 to 2020 radicalized me against these sleazy, lying

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I think powerful people want Trump in. The "fake" news has made a shit  ton off Trump coverage. If a liberal wins all that money goes away. Look how they cover trump, every second is the end of the world. 


Now democrats truly believe the non sense the spew. However I wouldn't be surprised if one day we find out this was all just a show everyone was all in on wwe style to create anger and drive up ratings.


Who knows.

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12 minutes ago, Facekicker said:



I'd rather Gabbard if I had to choose. 


But I don't think a Dem ticket without Bernie can win either. 

I'm low key Damn_Smooth about presidential candidates. I haven't liked one since I was young and dumb and liked Nader. Bernie is kinda like a whiny, pandering Nader.


I don't know much about Gabbard because I've given up on it all.

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