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popcorn's snare

Let's talk about Matt Sorum's hairline

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What's the deal with Sorum's hair?  He's always made poor hair decisions, but his receded hairline with the mussed up hair just looks silly.  


Personally, I think Adler has the hair more fitting of Guns n Roses.  


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That poodle haired shit was embarrassing.  Say what you will about Steven Adler, but that motherfucker looked cool behind the kit, and he knew how to tune his snare drum.  



is far more fitting for Guns N' Roses than




There's a reason the Hall of Fame chose




and sorum knows it




here is matt sorum in his rightful place. playing an un-mic'd tambourine near Steven's drum throne


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since your girlfriend dumped you, would you also like to apologize to matt sorum's hairline?

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