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Angry Anderson Wants to Help Axl and Slash Get Back Together

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Aussie rock legend Angry Anderson would love to see Axl and Slash get back together. Byron Cooke for Triple M's Radar Radio asked Slash how he felt about that.

"He's got a valid point," admitted Slash. "[but] we just haven't talked, Axl and I, and no efforts have been made on either side to get that together. I figure, if something's supposed to happen it will and if it's not, it won't."

The Rose Tattoo legend is actually a good mate of both Slash and Axl (how many people can say that!) and he remains hopeful the pair will see the wisdom in reigniting the passion they had for one another.

The former Guns N' Roses guitarist did appreciate Angry's words of wisdom. "I appreciate Angry's take on it because he's a sensible guy. From his perspective [getting back together] seems reasonable. And he is friends with both of us."

However, Slash really saw only one way it would ever happen. "What it really needs is a lot of expensive therapy," he laughed.

Angry Anderson holding an intervention between Axl and Slash? Now that's a reality TV show just waiting to happen!

Video here: http://www.triplem.com.au/melbourne/music/news//blog/angry-slashs-new-therapist/20100607-8t00.html

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