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38 minutes ago, comedy enthusiast said:

Okay, gunner is getting out of control with the necro bumps.  He's bumping tons of old threads for no other reason than because he's bored in his little country.  


It might be time for gunner to take a break.  He keeps talking about the forum he ran 8 years ago.  Maybe he can work on that.  

He was burying the shit thread to get Mags back since morons couldn't quit posting in it. I'm proud of him.

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You are being an idiot since you turned to the dark side.


If you posted more often I wouldnt have to make the dirty job all by myself.


And you need to be a moron to call "necro bumps" to posts on threads from the last 2 months / first 2 pages of the GnR section.

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