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John Bonham

Richard Fortus says Vegas residency was a chance to change things up

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In a new interview with HardRockHaven.net, GNR guitarist Richard Fortus was asked what the highlight was of playing in Las Vegas during the Appetite For Democracy tour in celebration of 25 years of Appetite For Destruction and four years of Chinese Democracy.

"Well, that was the first time we did a residency in Vegas," he said. "The last time we just finished up a month and a half ago."

"It's fun. It is a different experience. It is fun to get to really build a show like that. You don't have to tear it down every night. You can do things that you would normally do every day in your set. It also gives you a chance to stretch out a bit. In case we get bored? We can change things up. Especially Axl, he doesn't like anybody to be too comfortable."

After the HardrockHaven.net writer told Fortus that he likes the current version of Guns N' Roses "better in a way" than the classic GNR lineup, Fortus replied, "That is cool. I know some people do and some people don't. But it is a really a fun band to play with."

When asked about the recording process for the new Dead Daisies EP, Fortus replied, "A lot of these riffs are riffs that I had awhile. We just sort of sat together in a room and when somebody had an idea we would just sort of work it out from there. It was very much organic in where we would write and then record. It was very casual and organic. It happened very quickly."

Source: HardRockHaven.net

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