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Graphic Novel Required Reading List

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It's criminal that Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch get zero credit for the success of the MCU when they basically did all the heavy lifting.


I absolutely loved every page of it.  I loved the characters, the dialogue, the art, and I loved the fact that it was self contained and told an amazing, thrilling story.  (I ignored anything that came afterwards that wasn't by Millar.....none of that "counts.")


Ultimates gets my highest possible recommendation.  Even a normie that's never read a comic book should be able to sit down with it and be like "holy shit that was awesome."


As for other Marvel recommendations?   I gotta admit....I liked DC more when I was a kid so I didn't read a lot of Marvel.  And the Marvel stuff I've read was strictly 80s and 90s.


Mark Gruenwald's entire run on Captain America was absolutely fantastic, and surprisingly violent too.


I was super in to Iron Man, but he's honestly better in Ultimates than he was back in the 80s.   "Armor Wars" was probably the best storyline I read, along with when they introduced the War Machine armor.


I was also huge into Wolverine, but he and the X-Men have so much convoluted continuity it's hard to get in to as a new reader.  Once again, I'll go with Mark Millar....best X-Men?  If you want the melodrama, go with Claremont's run, but man, does he write a lot of words.   You just want the balls to the wall "fun" X-Men?   Ultimate X-Men by Mark Millar!


Want an awesome Wolverine story that doesn't need a ton of back issues to understand?   Enemy of the State, once again, by Mark Millar.    Also, the original 4 issue mini series drawn by Frank Miller still holds up.


I read a few Silver Surfers and Punishers here and there, but they got pretty repetitive.


Daredevil never did much for me as a character, unless it was the Frank Miller run or the Kevin Smith run....I'd say both are pretty essential reading.


That's all I have off the top of my head.   Like I said, I was more in to DC....especially when they brought in all those weird UK writers like Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, Neil Gaiman, Warren Ellis and the rest.   And Garth Ennis.   I fucking love Garth Ennis.

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Walt Simonson's run on Thor is a stone cold classic. Start with The Mighty Thor #337 and see what you think



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Just now, magisme said:

tl;dr me on dragon ball z

what's that? joshpost about dbz? you got it.


so goku is an alien from a planet that got blown up and he ends up on earth and gets raised in the woods by some old martial arts dude. on earth there are 7 mystical golden balls called the dragon balls that, when gathered together, summon a dragon that grants any wish. goku goes on fun adventures with higher and higher stakes as the characters get older (he starts as a kid, is now like 50) and the tone changes. as the story progresses, a lot of the people goku fights along the way become part of his crew, resulting in a fantastic (if underused later on) cast of side-characters.


a massive narrative change happens out of nowhere like 200 chapters in when goku's brother arrives and tells him (and the reader) about his alien heritage, that's when dragon ball becomes dragon ball z (but the manga is always just dragon ball) and goes from being a lighthearted martial arts/adventure story to crazy superhero powerscaling type storytelling, with everyone having multiple transformations and moves and shit. the peak of the series in my opinion happens around chapter 300. it probably should have ended there, but the later stuff is kind of like the star wars prequels. there's a lot of shit to digest, but there's also some fantastic stuff sprinkled in that makes it all worth it.


the series is defined by toriyama's art, which ranges from gorgeous landscapes to badass vehicles and robots to terrifying looking villains, all in his signature style which you might also recognize from some 90s video games like chrono trigger. a signature trait of toriyama is in the way he writes his stories. he doesn't plan them out, he just goes week to week, resulting in story arcs that jump all over the place in both good ways and bad ways. his sense of humor is pretty based and he's basically the fat axl of manga, barely ever leaving his house or releasing anything.


the original dragon ball manga series ended in the early 90s with the anime adaptation ending shortly after and soon being aired in america which caused the western dragon ball sensation. after a failed sequel series with little involvement from toriyama, a proper sequel series was developed in 2015, written by toriyama but drawn by an understudy.


dragon ball, like gnr, has a lot of brazilian/south american fans who post outlandish retarded shit on message boards. one of their retarded oc characters was named "el hermano" which is hilarious because atlas later used that as a fake gnr song name. two identical fanbases when you really think about it.


anyway, here's the mandatory toriyama art dump to cap off the joshpost

tried to make these albums as encompassing of the varying directions of the series as possible




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