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Do you think society adapts to crap?

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Was watching The Hunger Games. OMG, I can't believe this movie made money. It's like Kevin Costner changed his name and is now producing movies again. 84% rating at Rotten Tomatoes. People can't get enough of it. I don't know. Maybe it's generational and I'm Grandpa now. I'll state it is a teen drama so I can't really empathize. Was this a chick flick or something? I can't really tell. I jumped on the band wagon and finally saw it. Biggest mistake of my life.

Same thing goes for music. There's a lot of music out there that I don't get but people actually buy and listen to. And it blows my mind. Not only will they pay top dollar for concert tickets to hear Rihanna, they'll pay top dollar to hear her not sing and let a recording do the work.

The top shows on t.v. include Keeping up with the Kardashians. I've never seen the show but people can't seem to get enough of it. You better spend your time watching the grass grow, injesting Krokodil, writing the next Hungers Games movie.

Is society so adjusted to accepting horrible products and bad customer service that they'll "deal with it". Just because some place builds it, people will come?

Maybe this is a late night rant from Grandpa deepfreeze but this indeed is a disturbing universe.

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I'm pretty sure the three words that will sum it up is:

Lowest common denominator

That's the only thing that a corporate environment caters to, particularly when it comes to the entertainment industry. Why spend more money than you have to? Especially in hard times and times of drastic change. We are unfortunately living in both at the moment. So it's a double hit. Hollywood sucks right now. Commercial music sucks right now. TV pretty much sucks right now due to the whole reality tv genre, but not ALL TV is crap. There's definitely some investment in television at the moment as there are several really successful series that have quite high production values. I'm guessing that the dodgy economy has resulted in a loss for Hollywood and a gain for TV production. That investment would entirely depend upon research that would have shown that people are more inclined to stay home and watch TV than they are to pay to go to the movies. Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad are obvious winners from the current climate. That doesn't just 'happen', it's all about understanding the market and placing investment where it's favoured.

Movies right now are fucking shit. I haven't seen a good one in ages. The other day I watched The Spectacular Now and thought it was one of the worst films I've seen in ages. I've never encountered a bunch of school kids who sound/look/dress LESS like the average school kid/teenager than those in this film. Itt had clearly been written by adults pretending to be in the minds of teenagers. Then certain things happened that were totally unrealistic. And then I find out the film has been NOMINATED FOR AN OSCAR! :rofl-lol:

Not to mention the fact that I thought The Wolf of Wall Street was way off the mark for today's climate and Blue Jasmine was pretty substandard.......pretty boring actually.

Don't even get me started about commercial music. Lets put it this way, I don't listen to any radio station with paid advertising. The quality of the music drops dramatically when you listen to that shit.

So yeah, I'm hearing you DF. :thumbsup:

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