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Something to smile about? Do you ever notice when people's teeth have flaws. I notice it more than ever since I got my braces removed. I was watching Wolf of Wallstreet on the big screen and was slightly surprised to see heartthrobs Leonardo DiCaprio and Matthew McConaughey teeth up close and notice they weren't exactly perfect. I actually wondered for a split second if their teeth were modified for the movie but then the shock came in that these guys I guess never got their teeth fixed, and they're sex symbols?

Axl for example has pretty straight teeth. I think they may not have always been that good


Slash's upper teeth look decent but I've notice the bottom row of his for years. It's like "Welcome to the Jungle".


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I'm pretty sure I'll get one. I honestly believe 99% of it was due to clenching really hard on specific occasions the job. There's a slight possibility that it would be while sleeping so I think I'll get one. The dentist always brings it up.

I actually should get braces again because I didn't wear my retainer at night as required and my bottom row shifted (which is ironic because they were actually perfect before I got braces on them). Fortunately my uppers are fine.

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