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John Bonham

New gunsnfnroses Coming Soon

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Over the next several weeks, you'll notice some changes around here. Already, we've combined our Slash, Velvet Revolver, AIDS and TWATs sections, with our main Guns N' Roses section. The Guns N' Roses section will now cover all eras of GN'R, and all the related family of bands, new and old. We'll also be starting fresh with a whole new team of contributors, to bring you the best GN'R content on the web.

In the end it’s just a website, but it's a site that I believe, could also be so much more.

Ultimately the fans will decide, and regardless of the outcome, my heart, life and passion have been put into this project every step of the way. If, for no other reason, I feel those elements alone merit your consideration. I do hope that you can stick around just a bit longer, and if not, please feel free to take a break and I’ll be more than glad (if you so choose) to see you again later.

Blame Canada ;)


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