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Hey, you hoarders out there - here's an offer, you can't refuse...

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22 minutes ago, maynard said:

PMs sent

Thanks man. Oh god!!! This is the shit! I've listened to it about 20 times in a row...Man if Guns includes this on there next album...it will explode!!

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I don't check reddit very often, but I always laugh when I see shit like this. I'm assuming this is a towel-waver post.



Inside(ish) look at who has what


Zombux - has huge collection of bootlegs. Knows a lot more than he says.

Bacardi - troll. Friends with Brasky

Brasky - troll w/ inside information

Mario - Friends with fransad. Friends with Joao.

JM78 - Hoarder(old stuff, mates rehersal, 86 shows and so on).

Kevin - dumb hoarder who bought a lot of stuff from JM78

Rick - terrible at trading, will go to court some day

Levi - got fucked by Rick. got fucked by GNR. Original buyer of the locker material

Joao - SA hoarder. Got a disc with songs in 2015.

WFA - Fuck WFA.

FRANSAD - Huge collection of bootlegs and live shows. Really pissed at walker.

Sean - Has VMA's

Scott Hopkins - Worked at MTV. Had VMA's, ritz rehearsal etc.(4DVD)

Gunns - Nice dude. Has nothing.

NeonKnight - SA troll.

LIVEFREE - got an nda from gnr

Trocolli - Besides having a huge collection of physical DVD's etc, kind of an hoarder

MSL - had a lot of stuff given to him. 4th best wrestler at the 5th best USA wrestling promotion

Pitman - idiot.

Russ - only cool mod at mygnr.




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11 hours ago, maynard said:

Sent you the file along with naked Gugu pics.

Fantastic, specially the gugu pics. 

Id say the gugu pics are better than the song itself. 


Add Van Dames getting a bonner on a live show with Gretchen dancing and we have a perfect collection.

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