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Cowboys vs Zombies SIGN UP


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Yup. And if you want to play, you'll have to play like someone who isn't a psychopath. How I hear you ask? Pretend. They are my rules to allow you to stick around long enough to play Mafia because I couldn't be bothered hearing the almost as equally immature cries of Broski. I've laid down perfectly acceptable rules, if you want to play, follow them. If not, get the fuck out.

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2. i type like a cunt cuz i am a cunt. :huh: why should i pretend not 2b???

This made me :rofl-lol:

But seriously, Did you go to school? Why cant you write coherently?

Please at least make an attempt or at the very least, download a dictionary for your browser so it tells you when you have spelt something wrong.

Anyone reach out to Max?

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^^ haha.. Lol'ed hard...

Anyway - I thought he typed like that because he likes the double meaning of words, but apparently feels a need to spell it out to people !?

NG, lets get this going.. Conor or Iceman, can you be convinced to make a last attempt to get SLAA to join. I miss her and she's a good player.

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