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*GAME OVER* The Voyage - Mafia

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Table Of Contents

The Awakening

Day 1: Iceman Drunk at the Wheel & the Tale of Tottenham's Asshole

Day 2: The Shitty Truth

Dean's Daylight Death

Day 3: The Mafia Strikes Back

Extended Twilight: The Street Jesus

Day 4: Ship Without a Name, Crew Without a Captain

Game Over: The Mafia Wins + Postgame

Latest Vote Count

The night was silent, the ocean was steady. All that could be heard was the haunting hum of an anonymous cruise liner. A light fog covered the air as the moon shined down on the ship and it's new crew....One by one they woke from cabins scattered around the ship, confused and startled. As they found each other throughout the ship they all asked themselves the same questions. What were they doing there? Why couldn't they remember anything? How long had they been there? Where were they going? No one had the answers. After the entire group was finally together they met in the main hall hoping that one of them had an explanation. SOMEONE on this ship had to know what was going on....right? It was time for introductions.

The Crew

1. Conor (Mafia)

2. John Bonham (Town)

3. Catch Her In The Rye (Town)

4. Iceman24 (CAPTAIN - Town)

5. bacardimayne (Mafia)

6. arnold layne (DOCTOR - Town)

7. The Sandman (Town)

8. Tottenham (Town)

9. Dean-16 (COP - Town)

10. to the moon (Town)

11. Rafal (STREET JESUS - Town)

12. NormalGuns (Mafia)

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After the small group had gathered and taken a seat, Iceman24 cleared his throat and spoke, "Are we sure everyone is here?"

Do you want to begin the game or would you like to wait for more players?

Ideally I'd like a few more, but it's wfse. Either way don't expect this game to rock your socks off or anything. People kept saying someone should start a game so I just kind of came up with this off the cuff. Hopefully it gets the Mafia ball rolling around here again though.

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