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John Bonham


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I just see a dude wearing teenagegirl panties.. How sick and wrong is that ?

Hmmm...it appears you may be on to something. I was so infatuated with him I didn't notice his little panties...oh well! He's still a babe! :D

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Haha.. Fair enough.. Some people enjoy freaky shit.. ;)

TJ, its because your dreamy fluffy innocent mind does'nt recognize that people actually fight for causes that does more than help themselves.. They go against the grain to take a stand against a braindead society instead of just going along tow in tow, with the shackles they were given.

A poser is somebody who does nothing, where those who against the grain and challenge society, opposing the purists who wrinkle their noses or the conformity of one's parents, they go against the status quo, because its fucking boring, and regardless, any given generation has that, it also has the jocks and pretty boys who have grown up comfortably and been bought off by society to not do shit..

GNR went against the grain and fought against all the shallow bullshit, I understand that you do not like GNR and come here for social purposes, which is fine, and being a poser is also fine, as long as one recognizes it, everything else is self deceit, and we don't really want that for anybody now, do we ?

All good man ! :thumbsup:;)

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