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"Purgatory Deux - Vegas" Signup Thread


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Sign up thread for the second Purgatory game. I can have anything between 12 - 16. Details are upcoming, I've had this game planned for a while, but wanted to wait until things advanced with the anonymous game. Apologies for the crudeness of this thread, I'm on my phone.

See the previous Purgatory game, for an idea of the feel and vibe.

Go go.

1. bacardimayne

2. Tottenham

3. kevin

4. John Bonham

5. The Sandman

6. Dean-16

7. Rafał

8. Flayer

9. Sleeping Like An Angel

10. arnold layne

11. NormalGuns

12. chevelle

13. Catch Her In the Rye

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Wanna put a deadline to get this thing rolling? If 10 is able to be accommodated of course.. But I say start by saturday

I'd prefer at least 12, 10 will require a decent bit of re-structuring and stuff. Are you in contact with TTM n' 3rd Wheel?

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