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The unpopular opinions Thread

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It's okay to be white.

Starbucks is the WORST franchised company in the USA.    Yes, you heard me. It is the worst. Nothing can beat it.   It is a coffee company that cannot brew a fucking cup of coffee.

I still like LeBron James and never stopped, even durin the decision fiasco.

Why am I not surprised.

He is head and shoulders above everyone else in the league save Kobe. He's amazing to watch, and since my home city doesn't have an NBA team I get to be a fair weather fan.

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Dr. Dre's "2001" was better than "The Chronic".

I know you didn't just say that. Ohhh no.

I know. I know. But it's the unpopular opinions thread. Song for song, I feel like 2001 was a stronger effort. Only thing about 2001 is that it doesn't have any laid back tracks like nothin but a g thang. However both albums suffer from an excessive amount of subpar guest rappers.

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