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[EXCLUSIVE] BBA Talks One-On-One With Brian "Brain" Mantia (PART 2)

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Finally, in what could be the most highly anticipated sequel to a one-on-one forum exclusive - EVER, BBA sits down with former Nu GNR drummer, Brian “Brain” Mantia to discuss all things GNR.

In this second installment of a three part series, Brain reveals that his recent reunion show with Nu GNR (v. whatever) was a “blast”, however; he was unable to play the drums at the L.A. show due to a perspiration issue and his inability to remember the Chinese Democracy material!

While he admits that he has no idea why the remainder of the CD session material hasn’t been released, he does allude to the fact that the blame should be placed on no other but Axl! In addition, Brain opens up about his uncertainty of whether or not he would ever consider working with his former boss – and how that former boss neglected to contact his long-time friend and collaborator, Buckethead, for the recent Nu GNR mini-reunion!

When asked about his feelings on today’s Nu GNR, he seemed almost reluctant to describe them as a band that “jells well”, however; when asked for his thoughts on a potential HOF reunion of the original GNR lineup, he was quick to describe that possibility as being “oh shit – awesome”!!

And now, without further adieu, the interview:

1.) Within the past week, both you and Robin Finck joined GNR for a show in Los Angeles. If you don't mind me asking, how did that come about and did you enjoy it?

Brain: just showed up and axl asked if i would jam… it was a blast!

2.) Many fans wished that you would have played drums on a song or two and not just the bongos. Any specific reason why you weren't on the drums?

Brain: i couldn't remember any of the songs… plus i didn't want to sweat in my new prps jeans!!!

3.) If memory serves, it had been about 5 and a half years since you last performed with Guns. If you received a call from Axl tomorrow asking you to come back full time (both as the touring drummer and in the studio) would you accept that offer?

Brain: hmm… i don't know… that's a good question!

4.) As far as you are aware, did anyone try to contact Buckethead to see if he'd be interested in this semi-reunion that you and Robin recently took part in?

Brain: no i'm not aware of him being contacted in anyway

5.) I know that you are no longer in the band and probably don't have first hand knowledge of this question, but regardless, I'm just interested in your opinion:

1.) Why do you think the remainder of the Chinese Democracy material hasn't been released?

Brain: not sure i hope it comes out soon

2.) Do you think that you, Bucket, and Robin's departure may have anything to do with Axl not releasing the remainder of that material? Again, I'm just curious of your opinion.

Brain: no not at all

6.) Do you feel like the Bucket / Robin / and Brain era of GNR had fully run its course? Or do you feel like that era of GNR ended prematurely? Could you please offer some detail regardless of your answer?

Brain: yes… i feel like the new group jells really well

7.) I just heard in the past couple of days that Buckethead has a new album out or about to be out titled Electric Sea. Did you collaborate with him on this?

Brain: no not on that one… not sure who he did that with

8.) I have to ask. As I'm sure you are aware, GNR will be inducted into the RNR Hall of Fame next month. From what we've heard, alll original members will be in attendance. I know that you don't know the answer, but if you had to guess, do you think that Axl will perform with the original lineup? Would you like to see them perform together?

Brain: oh shit that would be awesome… i'd love to see it!!

9) Do you have any current or upcoming projects that you are working on that you wouldn't mind disclosing?

Brain: i composed the music for a movie called "DETENTION" starring Dane Cooke and Josh Hutcherson... it comes out April 13th 2012… check it out!!!

Thanks again for your time, Brain. I greatly appreciate it.



- Note: While it was my full intention to have this interview released sometime on March 21st; I was unexpectedly sent out into the field to cover another lucrative story. Should there be any criticism in regards to the timeliness of its release or its ability to reach its almost impossible expectations, please direct all criticism towards bacardimayne. He reminded me that I was his “subordinate” and that I would "shut up and post" regardless of whether or not I felt as if the interview was fully finished.

One day, I hope to release the full interview the way I wanted it to be seen by you – THE FANS! In the meantime, the "do it now or face the consequences" version will have to do.

I apologize in advance that the fans have to suffer as a result of one's draconian leadership style and his "it will be posted in the News and Discussion of the forum today" approach. :CoolFace:

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