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John Bonham

Radiohead Thread

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This might be clichéd but The Bends is a solid album start to finish. I recall the Iron Lung EP being good too. OK Computer & Kid A were too overplayed when I was in college so I find them dull now. I had a soft spot for Amnesiac. Don't really know anything else... Cool sounding but too morose.

Saw them live years ago, was disappointed. It's like they picked the slowest & weirdest songs to play. Was dying for them to bust on stage with Just or Iron Lung... Ended up being stuff like Fake Plastic Trees and Pyramid Song...

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I will rank the albums according to my personal listening preference and not according to any subjective "Best-of" notion.

The Bends/OK Computer/In Rainbows/Amnesiac/Kid A

The King of Limbs

Pablo Honey

Hail to the Thief

But really? The Bends, OK Computer, Kid A, Amnesiac, and In Rainbows, are all tied for First Place. They are all just awsome, awesome, awesome, Classic Albums.

The King of Limbs isn't popular, but that shit is deeeeeeeeeep. I love it. Don't hate. TKOL is Good Shit. TKOL is in second place behind the 5-way tie for 1st place.

Pablo Honey is a decent album.

Hail to the Thief doesn't do it for me.

I just don't care for HTTT at all for some rason. Last place.

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Fantastic band. One of my favourites. Their albums from best to worst.


1. OK Computer

2. In Rainbows

3. Kid A

4. The Bends

5. Amnesiac

6. The King of Limbs

7. Hail to the Thief

8. Pablo Honey.


The bottom two are weaker than others but still better than many bands` entire discographies.

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