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Guns N' Roses new album


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  1. 1. Chinese Democracy 2

    • Don't hold your breath
    • Definitely maybe

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imagine being a guitarist of the actual band, not a fucking roadie, the caterer or another hangers on, but the ACTUAL fucking guitarist of the band can't even be trusted with  a song HE'S putting guit

this band is so fucking shit

Stay of Execution/Chinese Democracy 2 album art:

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On 7/23/2019 at 8:37 AM, John Bonham said:

1. Jim Butcher - Peace Talks









1825. Lev Grossman - The Bright Sword

1826. George R. R. Martin - The Winds of Winter LOL, who cares

1827. Guns N' Roses - Chinese Democracy II

1. Jim Butcher - Peace Talks (July 2020, confirmed)

2. Guns N' Roses - New Album (2020, rumoured)

3. Lev Grossman - 4 new projects (TV show, movie, children's book, and a full-length novel, 2020-2021 confirmed 

4. GRRM - The Winds of Winter

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6 minutes ago, Auck said:

Where's this from fella?

It's from here... From me.


For (at least) the past six years, I have been waiting for Jim Butcher - Peace Talks, Lev Grossman - The Bright Sword, Guns N' Roses next album, and GRRM's The Winds of Winter.


4 long- delayed projects.


Jim is putting out 2 books this year, #16 and #17 in the series.


Lev has 4 projects in development over the next year (including The Bright Sword).


GN'R are inching closer 


TWOW is in last place

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  • John Bonham changed the title to Guns N' Roses new album
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4 minutes ago, creed said:

Wow, 25 years later Jackie Chan is still alive and Slash and Duff are in the same situation 


I bet they thought at the start of the tour that if they just played super nice, kissed his ass in interviews, didn't push or ask for anything and just walked on egg shells and kept him happy that they'd be able to get a record done and out. Five fucking years later the fat fuck's nearly got a bus pass, can't sing anymore and looks like the worst parody of himself you could imagine. 

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