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John Bonham

Guns N’ Roses in Dublin Gig Farce

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There were ugly scenes in Dublin last night as Guns N' Roses fans endured diva antics from the band, whose current tour has been rapidly turning into a disaster.

In what has been described as a pantomime-like performance the band arrived over an hour late, played for a mere twenty minutes and then stormed off leaving the crowd fuming.

The show seemed to be doomed from the start with the band being booed from the moment they took the stage for leaving the crowd waiting.

O2 crowds have been noted for their no-nonsense approach in the past when they booed Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam) off stage for playing new songs and bringing on guest singers. Ronan Keating had to be brought in to calm things down.

The drama really kicked off when one irate audience member threw a water bottle at the band during 'Welcome to the Jungle', prompting temperamental singer Axl Rose to stop the music and threaten ‘one more bottle, we go home'.

The singer declared, "We want to stay. If you don't want to have fun just let us know. We'll be on our way."

Unfortunately for the fans a second bottle was thrown at guitarist Richard Fortus during the fourth song and, true to his word, Axl walked and took his band with him.

The gig then descended into farce as booing fans were told there were ‘technical difficulties' and Irish music industry mogul, Denis Desmond, came on stage to appeal to the crowd.

The red-faced gig promoter explained he was ‘trying hard to get Axl to come back on stage'.

"I'd ask you please to refrain from throwing items at him. I promise a great show, but you have to be calm. I'm sorry about that."

Reports claim things were much worse backstage where Axl was said to have been ‘berating passing fans' and ‘kneeling on the ground with his head in his hands'.

The band were finally convinced to return to the stage after half an hour and played until 12.50am. However, most of the crowd were already safely home in bed having left when the house lights were turned on.

As Axl's car was escorted out after the show gardaí were heard to remark "quick, get the singer out of Dodge before they tear him apart!"

Fans were quick to take to the Internet to vent their frustration with the gig, with many now demanding that promoters provide a full refund to everyone who left believing the show had ended.

Full article: http://new.uk.music.yahoo.com/blogs/behind_the_music/17875/guns-n-roses-in-dublin-gig-farce/

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