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2012: Purgatory Mafia Sign Up Thread


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This is the sign up thread for a more stripped back, smaller game of Mafia that will begin around the start of the New Year. It will serve as a chance for those craving the next big game to fill the time before that. Confusing? Sorry.

Usual rules and such, read the pinned topics and other mafia games for references. I like to think at this stage I don't need to go through them all, but if there are any questions feel free to ask. This should give a good chance for some people to get a taste of the game and for veterans who died early in the last to play for a bit.

Barebones Purgatory: Full of Lolz and Werewolves

Sign Ups:

1. Sleeping Like An Angel

2. bacardimayne

3. Twinkerbelle (noob)

4. Tottenham

5. The Sandman

6. John Bonham

7. 3rd Wheel

8. Catch Her In The Rye

9. saphire

10. kevin

11. RK99

12. Android ✪

13. to the moon

Reserve: broskirose

Enjoy :) The game should be fun, it's back to basics but hopefully there will be some great play and lots of lulz. And werewolves :max:

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