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Found 49 results

  1. It's mid-July and the playgrounds have finally opened. I brought my beautiful 2-year old daughter there to play yesterday, and there were fucking families there wearing masks... in July. Little kids playing on the swings, in July wearing masks. So shit. Anyway, the first half of 2020 obviously sucked. Will the sequel be better or worse? I say even worse. American politics are so shit, September thru December are going to be fucking awful. I say enjoy July and August, because fucking hurricane season and a complete liberal meltdown are coming. I'm gonna do another thread about the fucking robots, but we are probably only a year away from RoboCop.
  2. Why did they choose a show from the shittiest and most stale era of the fatunion? Again, another proof that this lame excuse of a band has no creativity or whatsoever left.
  3. Although it can be understood that Freddie truly was in an utter shit condition, he can barely bark and speak the lyrics out, let alone sing. Even Bridge School sounds kind of better than this and some of Queen's 1984 gigs
  4. Apparently most of their shit was recorded and ready to be uploaded in YouTube. My requests would include: Roxy 1986 The Ritz 1987 Donington 1988 St. Louis 1991(the riot concert) Wembley 1991(last show w/ Izzy) Tel Aviv 1993 Argentina 1993 House Of Blues 2001 Hammerstein Ballroom 2006(not some studio songs playlist) Tokyo 2007 Tokyo 2009 Dublin 2010(the no-motion Axl) Las Vegas 2014(4th to 7th June) Las Vegas 2016(first normal fatunion show) Inglewood 2017(best fatunion setlist) Tallinn 2018(because I was there) And nothing from 2019 and onwards.
  6. Based on the GOOFCON system at /r/MMA, FATCON is an alert system I've come up with to describe the status of GNR and the community with a simple number. FATCON 5 () - Nothing going on. The tour is over and Axl hasn't been seen in at least a year. No news of any kind in sight. Default status during downtime. FATCON 4 () - Situation normal. GNR is touring. There may be faint stirrings of new songs circulating, but nothing concrete. Default status during a tour. FATCON 3 () - The tour is in full swing. Axl is sounding competent and they might even be playing some new UYI deep cuts. Leaks are said to be actively circulating in the GNR underworld. Examples of recent FATCON 3s include the return of Duff in 2014, and the addition of Coma to the setlist in 2016. FATCON 2 ()- Something has pissed Axl off and the tour is in jeopardy. Expect deleted tweets and lots of damage control in a FATCON 2 situation. Maybe even a walk-off in the middle of a show. Snippets of songs may be leaking at this stage. Examples of historic FATCON 2s include Rock in Rio 2011, Dublin 2011, the initial Rick Dunsford hysteria, and the first 2016 show. FATCON 1 () - Mass hysteria. Axl has gone rogue. Cancelled the tour. Punched a reporter. Fired Slash. New album announcement. Full songs are leaking and websites are being shut down by copyright lawyers. Brazilians are flooding the GNFNR servers en masse. Examples of historic FATCON 1s include the 1992 contract signing, the St. Louis riot, the countdown for CD appearing on gunsnroses.com, and the 2016 reunion news breaking. When do you guys think the next FATCON 1 will be?
  7. Ozzy recorded album with Duff, RHCP drummer Chad Smith, and Andrew Twat. First Single is out: Second single ( this time with Slash on guitar)
  8. a video that i thought would never see the light of day again is back on youtube the worst performance of a gnr song in history, courtesy of gilby clarke please someone save this
  9. Beaches are closed, I don't know how many towels Flebbies will be able to sell
  10. Every day the new album seems more and more unlikely. What could you trust more than the new album actually happening? My guesses would be: Jeffrey Epstein's suicide Surströmming as a perfume Freddie Mercury's dentist Etc.
  11. tonight in the War Room we'll be watching the film PIG HAG, about a fat woman who goes to a GNR show and gets stood up Jodie, a woman in her mid-thirties, struggles with the pressure to find a partner and have children. When she attends a Guns N' Roses concert, she thinks she may have met a potential suitor-- until he ghosts on her. probably in about 4 hours? http://discord.gg/gcMp4m the film is MSL approved and certain to be a hit with the fanbase
  12. GN'R's response/Non-Response to COVID-19 has been Abysmal. Their failure to communicate regarding cancelled or rescheduled shows Their complete lack of musical content, either new or old Their continued zero communication policy i.e. press, interviews, or conversational or informative social media presence Grade: F-
  13. Have you ever wondered which performances of any individual GNR songs are the worst? I'll start w/ some: Coma - Rock In Rio 2017 Welcome To The Jungle - Bridge School 2012 Street Of Dreams - House Of Blues 2012 November Rain - Rock In Rio 2011 or Abu Dhabi 2018 This I Love - Osaka 2009(Fatty really abusing the rasp on this one), Golden Gods 2014, Rock In Rio 2017 or Berlin 2018 Chinese Democracy - Osaka 2009 Oh My God - House Of Blues 2001 Estranged - Rock In Rio 2017 ... to be continued
  14. Hello, a totally new user here. Though I am a huge GNR fan, I truly love the shitposting here and mocking the current band, especially the fatboy himself. What about spamming this thread w/ the fattest, greasiest and most Mickeyish memes about Axl and his band? Sorry in advance if there was already a thread about memes.
  15. In these trying times we must all do our part to FATTEN THE CURVE as a fatter curve equals a sooner Hard School. Steps you can take include but are not limited to: -Washing your hands to two full rotations of the Hard School rehearsal clip -Not touching your face, even to wipe grease off -Coughing into your elbow -Continuing staying indoors as normal We can all get through this as long as all cautions are made. Remember to only trust verified sources with news regarding the COVID-19 outbreak, such as the Alex Jones Show and MSL's twitter.
  16. This band is so shit Slash is now backtracking after blabbering about a new GnR album http://ultimateclassicrock.com/slash-guns-n-roses-new-music/
  17. Guns N' Roses Snoop Dogg Bud Light Super Bowl Music Fest January 31st, 2020 Miami, Florida 🔫🌹🌹🔫 It's So Easy Mr. Brownstone Chinese Democracy Welcome to the Jungle Slither Better Estranged Live and Let Die You're Crazy Rocket Queen You Could Be Mine Shadow Of Your Love Attitude Civil War Dead Horse Double Talkin' Jive Blues Jam/ Sweet Child O' Mine November Rain Knockin' On Heavens Door (Dedicated to Kobe) Nightrain Patience The Seeker Paradise City
  18. Disney works fast. Some plot points have already been leaked: Story takes place roughly 20 years since the conclusion of the original trilogy. The primary antagonist - whose name will be SNARK - has no corporeal form, but will instead appear to the audience as a giant, flaming, ominous mouth. However, a later film will reveal that Snark was simply a pawn, and that SAURON was actually the primary villain all along! Remember Sauron? He's back, baby! The armies of MORDOR are amassing again, only this time they are calling themselves MURDETH. The armies of Murdeth, however, still look, act, and appear exactly the same as you remember them from the original trilogy. Remember the Uruk-hai? They're back, baby! The reason the armies of Murdeth have been able to assemble is because all the various kingdoms decided to completely demilitarize in the wake of the War of the Ring. Don't worry though - because ARAGORN is working on putting together a strike force. Remember Aragorn? He's back, baby! Why didn't Aragorn use his power and influence to prevent the rise of Murdeth? Read the novels to find out! The primary protagonist is set to be a hobbit named DORFO. Despite living her entire life in a village that looks and sounds precisely like Hobbiton, but is called something different, Dorfo is a master of ninjitsu, oliphant riding, archery, first aid, the lute, the lyre, the tambourine, Javascript, Formula 1 repair, contract negotiation and hotpot cookery. She can also assemble IKEA furniture without even looking at the instructions and she knows every single Excel keyboard shortcut. Gandalf is missing! The search for Gandalf will kick off with a Macguffin chase that will immediately get sidelined when Dorfo realizes that she possesses the One Sombrero To Rule Them All. The only thing that will destroy the One Sombrero is to throw it through a dimensional portal into a realm that is nothing but ZILLIONS of volcanoes. In order to reach this portal (which lies deep in enemy territory) she much go on a perilous journey! Dorfo will be aided in her journey by an orc that realizes the error of his ways and turns good. This conversion have will little to no bearing on the plot, but he will, however, yell "DORFO!" quite a lot. Along the way, Dorfo will stop in a tavern that looks just like The Prancing Pony but will have a different name. There, Dorfo will find Frodo's dagger Sting, which will call out to Dorfo for reasons that the fanbase will have a wonderful time speculating over. Patented JJ Abrams Mystery Box magic! Samwise will have a lengthy cameo. He's now divorced, his son hates him, and his character development has been rolled back to the point that he is once again afraid to talk to girls. Remember Samwise? He's back, baby! The end of the movie reveals that instead of preventing the rise of Murdeth (and, ultimatley, Sauron), Gandalf was simply hanging out on an island. "But wait, isn't doing nothing and preventing the rise of evil deeply contrary to Gandalf's character?" The answer to the question is, of course - remember Gandalf? He's back, baby!
  19. Guns N' Roses management have threatened Rick Dunsford with a lawsuit, claiming the Super-Fan leaked nearly 100 of the band's unreleased songs. Guns N' Roses claims Rick Dunsford leaked 97 previously unreleased songs over the web after obtaining the recordings from a storage unit auction, and Universal Music Group—which owns the copyrights—has now taken legal action. UMG's legal team fired off a cease and desist letter to Rick—obtained by TMZ—claiming Dunsford violated an earlier settlement agreement in which UMG paid him $15,000 to return the recordings. The dispute traces its roots back to when Guns N' Roses' former A&R guy Tom Zutaut auctioned off a storage unit filled with digital recordings of GNR music from 2000 and 2001. Rick, a die-hard GN'R fan, claims he and some fellow fans bought the music from the storage unit for $15,000. We're told the band's management later caught wind of the transaction, and agreed to pay Rick $15,000 to sell the music back to them. The Problem is, UMG claims Rick started leaking the songs a month after he struck the deal, and now UMG has threatened him with legal action. For his part, Rick claims someone else is leaking the tunes, and he says he told GN'R management about the leaks from the jump. It gets even worse, Rick's been issued a lifetime ban from Guns N' Roses shows. A rep for the band tells TMZ, "It is tremendously disappointing, sad, and unfortunate that a record executive involved with the band in their early years found it appropriate to auction off the unreleased materials owned by his former employer." Source: TMZ Related Discussion: Guns N' Roses Pissed At Fan Over Leaked Music ... Welcome To The Legal Jungle!!!
  20. GOAT album coming up if they don't bring rick rubin back please dont bring rick rubin back
  21. Tonight at 7 PM EST / 12 AM GMT in the Discord we will be live-streaming a lovely double header of two of the greatest shows of the highly celebrated DJ Ashba/Bumblefoot era: Bridge School Benefit 2012 and Golden Gods Awards 2014. Be sure to join as a good time is sure to be had by all. http://discord.gg/C45GyS
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