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Found 22 results

  1. John Bonham

    Facebook is shit......?

    Guns N' Roses return to No. 1 on Billboard... ...'s Top Facebook Live Videos chart, ruling the December 2018 tally with a live clip of "Sweet Child O’ Mine." The chart, which recaps monthly Facebook activity, is a look at the widest-reaching and most-reacted-to videos posted by musicians on Facebook Live, as tracked by media analytics company Shareablee. Rankings are determined by a formula that blends reactions, comments, shares and first-seven-days views. 💩 Guns N’ Roses' video, uploaded Dec 9, showed the band performing its classic song at a concert in Honolulu. The five-minute clip was the biggest Facebook Live video by a musical act in two of the four chart metrics, including reactions 💩 (26,000) and views in its first seven days (447,000) Jennifer Lopez rolls in at No. 2, thanks to a Dec 11 video showing the singer and actress making a surprise appearance at a screening of her new film, Second Act, which was released in U.S. theaters on Dec. 21. The brief video racked up 12,000 reactions and was watched 408,000 times in its first seven days. See the full top 10 below, which also features videos from Ted Nugent , Ana Barbara, Lila Downs and more. 01. Guns N' Roses 02. Jennifer Lopez 03. Ted Nugent 04. Ana Barbara 05. Lila Downs 06. Lila Downs 07. Joey+Rory 08. Los Inquietos del Norte 09. Conjunto Primavera 10. Banda Los Recodo TL;DR Facebook has made it to Brazil
  2. This category wasn't as clear cut as the rest. Please vote for the Stand-out GNR-related Moment of the Year GNFNR Forum Awards 2018
  3. John Bonham

    How To Post An Article

    Here's how we do it here: 1. Read the article 2. Make up your own, original, new, and amusing headline 3. Paste (as plain text) a brief quote from the article, and a link to the full article 4. Add your own editorial thoughts
  4. In describing the reunion of the band and the Not in This Lifetime… Tour, Slash raves that, "It's been one of the most amazing professional experiences of my career," before adding that after being apart for nearly 23 years, the reunion has been very well received and a humbling experience. Slash describes the record's hectic completion, saying they, "hunkered down and … started recording and literally finished mastering the record on my way to GNR rehearsal for the next leg of that tour." He describes the record as "a straight-ahead rock and roll record. It's very live and very raw." He's not certain what's in store after the band finishes up the tour July 9. Whatever lies in his future, it is safe to say that the man deemed one of the greatest guitarists of all time and 2012 Rock N Roll Hall of Fame inductee won't lay down his favorite Gibson Les Paul guitar for too long before the passion and tenacity that have guided him to success propels him into yet another undoubtedly exciting project. http://www.billboard.com/articles/news/international/8488855/slash-guns-n-roses-tour-asia-new-album-interv NEW SONGS ON THE HORIZON: 0
  5. dozens of shit songs (Slash), several mediocre tunes (Grohl), or NOTHING (Ax)
  6. bacardimayne

    The Return of Woke Axl Rose

    http://www.vogue.com/article/woke-axl-rose Is Vogue right? Should we be happy that Axl is #woke now and willing to fight for social justice issues?
  7. John Bonham

    GNR Cornholes Fans Again

    In the last several weeks, following the release of Guns N' Roses $1,000 box set version of Appetite for Destruction, there has been an unprecedented wave of copyright strikes against GNR fan sites on YouTube, Soundcloud, and the web, etc. etc. GunsNFNRoses.com has personally received copyright strikes on their YouTube and Soundcloud accounts, and has had their previous, coward, web-host Siteground revoke their contract with no refund and no explanation. Other high-quality sites have also been affected. Gibboo's YouTube channel, was probably the best GNR channel on YouTube. This account has been completely destroyed. Years of hard work and countless videos lost. To date, the only response from GNR management has been smug, dick-breathed Tweets from long-time ass-hat Del James. Related Discussions GNR Cornholes Fans Again Dearest Axl Hi...can somebody bring me up to speed? Oi!! Cunts!!
  8. 10 days Can't wait to write the only objective review on this whole god damn board
  9. The Locked N' Loaded collection includes skull rings, temporary tattoos, and 49 previously unreleased songs. The shame you will feel upon purchase comes at no extra cost. Famed rock music ensemble Guns 'N' Roses confirmed this morning that they will release a remastered version of their 1987 debut album, Appetite for Destruction, on June 29. It'll come out on a few different formats, but nobody really cares. Because, holy Hell, take a look at the Locked N’ Loaded box set, the high-end package. Here, please, watch this unboxing video, which moves at a pretty rapid pace but still lasts for well over two minutes: Look at all that shit! That's so much shit! That's a four-CD "super deluxe edition" with the Appetite remaster, the self-explanatory B-Sides N' EPs, the equally well-formatted Sound City Session N’ More recordings, and the confusingly titled Live ?!*@ Like a Suicide EP. You'll also get a load of music and a previously unseen video for "It's So Easy" on a Blu-Ray disc, and there'll be six 7-inch singles and a copy of Shadow of Your Love on yellow vinyl thrown in. There are 49 previously unreleased songs in total. I cannot believe that they have 49 unreleased songs to get through. But the music will seem less important when you open up your embossed faux-leather dollhouse to find five metal band skull face rings, five metal band skull face lapel pins, and five metal guitar picks with band skull faces and signatures. There's a two-inch collectible coin (?), a seven-inch large hole adapter (??), and some temporary band member tattoos (!!!). Elsewhere, there is a USB stick. And the word "lithos" comes up regularly. Now, obviously, you have to be a rich asshole to buy this. It'll set you back $999, an amount of money that I'd really like to think would make the idea of 10,000-copy worldwide limit redundant. And you, reader, will look very silly if you spend that money. When—or if—you welcome guests into your home, you will have to hide this box, because the shame will overwhelm you. But all you will find to cover it with is a large Guns N' Roses lithograph. One day, you will inadvertently leave your Izzy Stradlin thumb ring on when you leave the house. But, purely from a conceptual standpoint, this is an excellent idea from Guns N' Roses who, in 2018, are the physical manifestation of a $999 box set. If Radiohead can sell people $200 vinyl copies of Kid A that carefully exploit vinyl holograms to make it seem like the listener has friends who aren't on message boards, then one of the world's most comically ostentatious rock bands—middle-aged men who still conjure up images of hot pants top hats and drunken brawls—should be able to do this. I implore you: Do not buy the Locked N’ Loaded box set. But do stand back and admire the the people who thought the world needed skull rings and temporary tattoos with their faces on them. Source: Are You a Enough of a Rich Asshole to Buy this $999 Guns N' Roses Box Set? Related Discussion: GNR left One in a Million off of the remastered Lies or whatever they are calling it now
  10. bacardimayne

    Unleash the Love

    BEACH BOYS’ MIKE LOVE TO RELEASE NEW DOUBLE ALBUM UNLEASH THE LOVE ON NOVEMBER 17 THROUGH BMG LOS ANGELES, CA, 10/5/17— Legendary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee, Grammy® Winner, New York Times Best-Selling Author, co-founder and chief lyricist of The Beach Boys, Mike Love, is set to release a special double album on November 17 through BMG. Entitled Unleash the Love, the album will feature 13 brand new songs and 12 re-recordings of Beach Boys classics. The album is produced by Grammy®-winning producer, Michael Lloyd. To listen to the title track off of the album, “Unleash The Love,” click here: http://bit.ly/2wyosO9. Unleash The Love will be available for pre-order on October 27th. For more than fifty years, Mike Love has been the lead singer and front man of The Beach Boys taking the sounds of America’s band to every corner of the globe— playing for crowds of up to 750,000 fans. Mike has co-authored more than a dozen hit singles, cementing The Beach Boys as one of the only artists to have produced twelve Top 10 Singles within 5 years. With iconic and timeless tracks like “Good Vibrations,” “Fun, Fun, Fun,” “I Get Around,” and “Kokomo,” The Beach Boys have created some of the most performed songs in pop music history. Unleash The Love is a testament and continuation of Mike Love’s remarkable career. The new tracks range from rock, gospel, R&B and pop and celebrate Love’s connection to the teachings of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and his journey to find personal love and peace. Love’s history with Transcendental meditation anchors a number of songs including “Ram Raj” a song celebrating the divine; “Pisces Brothers,” a tribute to the late George Harrison and the experiences they both shared in India in 1968 and “Cool Head, Warm Heart” a breezy pop song, which borrows its title from a saying by Maharishi Mahesh. The album also includes a prayer for the planet “Only One Earth.” As with all of the new tracks, a sense of concern is infused in every song: to change what you can, to transcend, connect to the planet and the people around you and give into the power of love. “I’ve been working on these new songs on and off for many years now and I’m excited to share them with fans,” said Mike Love. “As a writer, I kept gravitating to this idea of love, in all forms. Romantic love, unrequited love, lasting love, spiritual love, love for the planet, and what the absence of love can do to us as a people. This album is my way of communicating what the world needs now is love sweet love. And the hope is if we all can unleash whatever love inside of us, we can collectively make this world better.” In addition to the collection of Mike Love original songs, the special double album features new versions of classic hits such as “California Girls,” “Help Me Rhonda,” and “Good Vibrations,” recorded members by The Beach Boys touring band. Earlier this month, the paperback version of Mike Love’s New York Times best-selling memoir, GOOD VIBRATIONS: My Life as a Beach Boy hit shelves. The book is published by Blue Rider Press, a member of Penguin Group (USA). Pick up your copy here. Currently, Mike Love is on the Wild Honey World Tour with The Beach Boys which will continue into Winter of 2017. Fans attending upcoming concert dates will have an exclusive opportunity to pre-order Unleash The Love at a discounted rate using a special text message code and number that will be provided at each show leading up to the album's release. Additionally, as part of the Wild Honey World Tour, the band is offering a VIP Platinum Upgrade Package for shows currently on sale. By purchasing the package, fans have the opportunity to meet Mike Love and Bruce Johnston of The Beach Boys, receive an autographed hardcover copy of Mike Love's memoir Good Vibrations, My Life as a Beach Boy, and an exclusive VIP Coffee Table book celebrating 50 years of Good Vibrations as well as pre-order Mike Love's new album Unleash The Love. This will be offered exclusively on MikeLove.com The Beach Boys touring band features lead singer Mike Love, Bruce Johnston, Scott Totten, Jeffrey Foskett, Brian Eichenberger, Tim Bonhomme, and John Cowsill. The band continues to perform over 150 sold-out shows year-round across the globe. FOR THE LATEST ON MIKE LOVE: MikeLove.com | Facebook | Twitter TRACK LIST: MIKE LOVE DOUBLE ALBUM 2017 TRACK LIST Mike Love Originals: Side A All the Love in Paris featuring Dave Koz on Saxophone Getcha Back featuring John Stamos on Drums Daybreak Over the Ocean I Don't Wanna Know Too Cruel Crescent Moon Side B Cool Head, Warm Heart Pisces Brothers Unleash The Love Ram Raj 10,000 Years Ago featuring John Stamos on Drums Only One Earth Make Love Not War Mike Love/Beach Boys Re-Records: Side A California Girls Do It Again featuring Mark McGrath and John Stamos Help Me Rhonda I Get Around Warmth of the Sun featuring Ambha Love Brian's Back Side B Kiss Me Baby Darlin' featuring AJR Wild Honey featuring John Cowsill Wouldn't It Be Nice Good Vibrations Fun Fun Fun 2017 TOUR DATES: 10/06 Biloxi, MS Beau Rivage Mgm Resort & Casino, Inc. 10/07 Biloxi, MS Beau Rivage Mgm Resort & Casino, Inc. 10/10 Dallas, TX Majestic Theatre (Dallas) 10/11 San Antonio, TX Majestic Theatre (San Antonio) 10/13 College Station, TX Rudder Auditorium, College Station 10/14 Lake Charles, LA Golden Nugget Lake Charles 10/15 Galveston Island, TX The Grand 1894 Opera House 10/21 Norman, OK Riverwind Casino 10/22 Kansas City, MO The Midland – Kansas City 10/23 Columbia, MO Jesse Auditorium 10/24 Normal, IL Braden Auditorium 10/25 Benton Harbor, MI Mendel Center 10/26 Tiffin, OH Ritz Theatre – Ohio 10/27 Akron, OH Akron Civic Theatre 10/28 Cincinnati, OH Aronoff Center For The Arts 10/29 Paducah, KY Carson Center 10/30 Richmond, KY EKU Center For The Arts 11/02 Memphis, TN Orpheum Theatre – Memphis 11/03 Chattanooga, TN Tivoli Theatre 11/04 Birmingham, AL Alabama Theatre 11/05 Savannah, GA Johnny Mercer Theatre 11/08 Malt Shop Memories Cruise 11/08 Malt Shop Memories Cruise 11/14 Schenectady, NY Proctors 11/15 Morristown, NJ Mayo Performing Arts Center 11/16 Indiana, PA Indiana University Of Pennsylvania – Kovalchick Convention Center 11/17 Hagerstown, MD Maryland Theatre 11/18 Pittsburgh, PA Heinz Hall For The Performing Arts 11/19 North Tonawanda, NY Riviera Theatre 2018 TOUR DATES: 02/11 Coral Springs, FL Coral Springs Center for The Arts 02/13 Clearwater, FL Ruth Eckerd Hall 02/16 West Palm Beach, FL Kravis Center 03/01 Visalia, CA The Fox Theatre 03/09 Little Rock, AR Robinson Center Music Hall 03/21 Red Bank, NJ Count Basie Theatre 05/09 Youngstown, OH Powers Auditorium 05/10 Wabash, IN Honeywell Center 05/11 Holland, MI Tulip Time Festival 05/12 Columbus, OH Columbus Symphony Orchestra 05/13 Louisville, KY The Kentucky Center for the Arts 06/05 Grand Forks, ND Chester Fritz Auditorium 06/06 Sioux Falls, SD Washington Pavilion 06/07 Lacrosse, WI Lacrosse Center 06/08 Wausau, WI Grand Theater 06/09 Fish Creek, WI Door Community Auditorium This is going to be so tremendously shit and I cannot wait. For the uninitiated, the wait for a Mike Love solo album has made the wait for CD look like baking a pizza.
  11. bacardimayne


    Anyone else watch this greasy Canadian show? Looking at you @Donald Trump@jackie moon
  12. http://streamable.com/t/7s8q3 http://www.theguardian.com/business/2017/oct/08/police-called-after-mcdonalds-rick-and-morty-promotion-heats-up Rick and Morty fans, everyone
  13. bacardimayne

    *autistic screeching*

    Fuck off you deaf, shit, geriatric kangaroo-fister. No one's going to fall for the old "oh look I can sing one of my old songs decently well, given it's the only song I have to sing that night, it's detuned a half-step and I don't even have to stay in key because ac/dc fans are a bunch of mongoloids who think pitchless braying into the mic constitutes a proper performance" routine. Johnson-AC/DC fucking suck. They serve only as a vessel for Axl to unleash the beast he's been holding back ever since he got bored of GNR 10 years ago. To think that we could lose years of potential great performances from Axl in his twilight years because some over the hill old shit wants his job back makes me want to vomit in disgust. AXL/DC IS ALL I HAVE AND THIS OLD FUCK WANTS TO TAKE IT AWAY FROM ME. PM box is open to those who wish to help "solve" this problem. @8==D
  14. magisme

    Shit: The Frank Ferrer Story

    OK, guys. I think we all know what's going on here, so let's just get it out in the open... Frank Ferrer visits GNFNR regularly and he's trying to communicate something to us with his "SHIT" shirt. Clearly there's no other objective explanation. I don't know whether he's trying to communicate with Brasky because he's an insider, or with me because Fernando talks to me, or with bacardi because he is the Shit King, but he's trying to say something to us. It is our duty to figure out what. So, the "Shit" t-shirt... WHAT DID HE MEAN BY THIS???!!!
  15. From "another girl to take my pain away" to "another whore to take my pain away"? Was "another girl" not subtle enough? Did he not think GNR fans would get the meaning of the lyric if he didn't change it? So shit.
  16. bacardimayne

    Axl is literally a cuck

    3:12 "So far, the women I've been in love with over the years, one of the most beautiful things in the world is watching them have an orgasm. And if they had an orgasm with someone else, and I was there, I love to watch that, cause I knew they were receiving something great, and having a great time, and feeling good, and watching them experience this meant the world to me, it's beautiful. You know, an orgasm is beautiful. It's a beautiful thing." I think I'm finally done with GNR, guys.
  17. Budd Dwyer

    Worst NUGNR covers?

    I'd say, this is probably the worst cover i've ever heard in my life Did they play this shit regularly? What an absolute disgrace.I mean i'm not the biggest Neil Young fan, but he had a special vibe with this song. Axl it's just fatter and shitter than ever P.S. Please post ONLY covers outside of GNR, not classic GNR songs butchered by the hired hands
  18. bacardimayne

    Ritz 91 - the last real GNR show

    Axl on form - check (except for SCOM, lol) Slash on form - check (except for SCOM intro, lol) Izzy plugged in and audible for the last time, sings DNB well Duff on form - check (except for SCOM intro, lol) Matt not being shit unique setlist cool venue no ego ramp or running around no breakdown bullshit or locomotive bullshit or coma bullshit no short shorts, no fishnets kickass duet dont cry the definitive estranged the definitive dtj pretty good tbh @Miser
  19. I'm glad they're not letting this die. The decision was complete horseshit, and it's not just about Robin Thicke and Marvin Gaye. It's about the implications of people being able to successfully sue over tiny similarities in otherwise different songs. What counts as inspiration and what counts as "copying"? The songs share glancing similarities at best. It's nothing like Stairway, which literally copied its intro (the most recognizable part of the song) note from another band. http://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2016/08/celebrity-musicians-contest-blurred-lines-court-ru.html
  20. bacardimayne

    GNR Frequently Asked Questions

    "Will So Fine ever be played again?" NO "Will Axl ever sing Slither at a show?" ABSOLUTELY NOT
  21. John Bonham

    Meat Loaf Collapses Onstage

    The Edmonton Journal stated that fans were asked to clear the venue after the incident, which saw the singer fall to the floor in the middle of performing “I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That).” Witnesses on social media reported seeing ambulances and fire trucks outside the venue.